17 Of The Best RA Event Ideas You’ll Ever Need: Resident Assistant Program Ideas For Any Situation

Types Of RA Event Ideas For Campus Studentsra event ideas

As student activities organizer or a resident assistant, the greatest activities to host are those that students could have not only fun but also have some analytical life skills—activities that add more value than the typical cup of coffee at Java house.

With the increasing cost of higher education, as a resident assistant or as a student activities coordinator especially for the upperclassmen, it’s important to come up with cheap or favorable RA event ideas for students to take part in.

Compared to newer students, upperclassmen regularly take academics more seriously, but again, they have a habit of showing a stronger footing in school. So, academic programs are good RA program ideas for upperclassmen.

As their coordinator, you can form study tables or make a campus book club. You can create a wide campus book club by getting input from your literature section faculty, start a theme for every semester and have a round discussion to combine the books.

  1. Trivia Night: Create a trivia night to encourage some healthy competition, as well as challenging their academics.
  2. Movie Night:  Figure out if there are any movies, or television series that they like so that everyone can not only participate but also have some fun. As a team, you can do regular movie nights, series, or a show marathon.  Ask yourself “What is everyone talking about and binging on Netflix right now?”
  3. Shop Thrifty:  You can come up with some simple stuff like a town visit to the local thrift store.  See who can put together the most silly outfit or who can find the best hidden gem at the lowest price.
  4. 5k Runs: Organize some contribution in things like 5k fundraisers, relay for life or any other community event that involves helping organize and participation.
  5. Cooking Night: Let everyone have a chance and learn how to prepare something simple, you can have crepes for starters, and as time goes you can work your way up to prepare full meals.
  6. Teach Something: Get your friends to teach or host programs for their skills like writing workshops or tax help. Those who host programs can also include programs on their activities resume. Many would count it as being exploitative, but it’s not; actually, it’s resourceful!
  7. Get Active: Any physical program is a great way to get everyone moving, which is normally a favorite of college students. Getting active is a great break from studies and to refresh them after sitting through classes or in their rooms studying. If you can find ways to do this, it will grow friendships among the students and get them moving out of their rooms!
  8. Obstacle Course: Make an obstacle course made from things around the dorms.  Things like chairs, tables, benches and create a course where students have to run, jump or crawl under them.  Mix in some other simple things like balls, frisbees and hacky sacks and you have yourself a good time.  Be creative and have a prize for the quickest time.
  9. Coloring Night: Get out your crayons and colored pencils and give everyone a chance to forget about school for a few hours. Just print off some random coloring sheets from around the Internet, or go to your local dollar stop and pick some up for cheap.
  10. Do Some Planting: Get some cheap succulents or similar plants from the local nursery. Get a bag of dirt, a few pots and some water and you are off and running.  Hopefully the students have enough of a green thumb to keep them alive for a semester or two.
  11. Have Lunch Outside:  Tell them to a to-go bag of goodies and get outside on the lawn to have some fun.  Use this time to talk with everyone about their favorite foods, recipes and their cooking skills.
  12. Nature Walk:  Find a local trail and gather up the residents for a walk in the nice weather.  On the walk, you can ask them questions about the local plants and animals along the way.  Don’t forget to bring the camera for some pics to post to Instagram or hang up in the lobby when you get back.
  13. Craft Night: Have the students all bring in whatever craft supplies they can find.  Supplement this with a few dollars of craft supplies from the local dollar store.  Throw them all on a table and see who comes up with the best craft.
  14. Shark Week: Everyone loves Shark Week and it’s a great time to educate and get scared at the same time.  Line up some times each week with flyers posted around the dorms and then then follow up when you see students in the halls.  Ask them “are you attending Shark Week?”  You’ll be surprised at how well this is received.
  15. Clothing Drive: Talk with all the students for a week or two and spread the word of collecting clothes for the needy.  Set a time for everyone to meet and when everyone brings in there slightly used clothes, encourage them to go with you to drop them off to the local thrift store or hand them out to the homeless.
  16. Easter Egg Hunt: Everyone likes an Easter egg hunt…I’m I right?…I am. Get some plastic Easter eggs from the local dollar store and fill them with simple things like candy, stickers and coins.  Hide them around campus and have the students look for them. Offer up one grand prize and the students will love you for it.

RA Event Ideas During COVID

  1. Snap Shots: Have the students take a snap shot of themselves around campus somewhere.  It needs to have the school logo or mascot in it to count.  Create a hashtag that everyone uses and follow in Instagram.  Whoever gets the most likes wins a prize or gift card of some kind.



Questions A Resident Assistant At College Might Ask

How Can I Be A Good RA?

Being a RA can be a difficult job. The responsibilities of the position can be quite demanding and require a lot of work. It is important to have an understanding of what it means to be a resident assistant, as well as how to provide assistance to residents.

The resident assistant is an important figure in the life of a student. They are often responsible for helping students with academic, social, and personal needs. They also help keep the peace within the dormitory by enforcing rules such as quiet hours.

To be a good RA, you must be friendly and welcoming to a diverse group of people to help ensure that their needs are met during their stay. This requires some skill, as just being a friendly person is not usually enough to combat the daily struggles that an RA must face during their time in that position.

What Are RA Responsibilities?

Residential assistants usually live in the dorms with the residents they serve, and they’re responsible for ensuring all residents feel welcomed and comfortable. Therefore, they need to be willing to provide a variety of skills and experiences that will help make their residents’ stay more enjoyable.

They are also responsible for meeting and greeting residents, answering questions, and providing assistance. An RA’s responsibilities are to help the residents of a residence hall with their needs. They help the residents by performing tasks like cleaning, providing assistance during emergencies, and helping with events.

The responsibilities of an RA are typically:

– Maintaining the cleanliness of the residence hall

– Meeting and greeting residents

– Answering questions about the residence hall or campus life

– Providing assistance to residents

How Does An RA Engage Residents?

An RA engages residents by getting to know them, learning about their interests, and finding ways they can help them. This can be done through a variety of activities such as making phone calls, setting up social events, giving tours of the building or apartment complex, or organizing transportation for seniors.

Getting to know your residents can be tough. It’s tough to find the time, and it’s tough to know what you should be asking. As an RA, you’re a resident’s first point of contact at the university, so it’s important to make a good impression. However, it can be difficult if you don’t have a good idea of the types of questions that will help break the ice.

The best way to start a conversation with someone new is to be curious about them and what they do. This will create a sense of trust and comfort in the other person, which can lead to an easy back and forth between the two of you.

How Can I Embrace Diversity As An RA?

The RA’s job is to help the residents of the community they are assigned to. They do this by performing tasks that are necessary for a healthy community. The RA may be an RA for a specific group of people, like an RA for LGBTQ+ students, or serve as a general RA in the community.

The responsibility of an RA is to make sure that the needs and wants of their residents are met. This includes making sure that their needs are met in terms of social needs and safety concerning sensitive topics that can arise with contradicting viewpoints from other students. When you work with a diverse group of people, everyone must feel that their voice is being heard regardless of whether you or anyone else disagrees with them.

Community leaders in the residential world should take an active role in welcoming and integrating diverse groups into their communities. This is not only good for the individual but also for the community as a whole. The RA should be open-minded and welcoming to all types of people, they should take care to include others, and they should make sure that their space is accessible to all types of people.

The RA’s job is to help out the residents with anything they need. It is important that the RA be able to provide a variety of skills and experiences in order to be helpful. This includes interacting with people of a different race, religion, sexual orientation, or political views.

Residential assistants usually live in the dorms with the residents they serve, and they’re responsible for ensuring all residents feel welcomed and comfortable. They need to be willing to provide a variety of skills and experiences that will help make their residents’ stay more enjoyable.

This section discusses how an RA can embrace diversity as their own. The key points are:

– Be open-minded

– Be willing to work outside your comfort zone

– Listen more than you talk

What Skills Should An RA Have?

An RA should be proficient in all areas of the job to be able to handle any situation that might arise. They should have good communication skills and the ability to work independently. He or she should also be able to work in a team.

The skillset required for an RA is vast. A successful RA may have a background in customer service, marketing, or sales. They also need to have strong leadership skills and the ability to work autonomously.

The role of an RA is to build strong relationships with students. They create a sense of community by hosting events, providing support, and making connections. Having skills associated with that kind of work are a plus but not required. Most schools will have their RA’s go through a training process to develop any necessary skills that may be lacking.

It is not uncommon for the first year of being a resident assistant to be difficult. Many students may be unsure of some of the duties they are required to do on a daily basis. The school may provide training for these RA’s to have them feel more prepared and confident in their new job.

There are a number of skills that an RA should have in order to be successful in the workplace. These skills include:

– Ability to work with numbers and data

– Strong communication skills

– Ability to work well with people from different cultures and backgrounds

– Ability to work independently, as well as collaboratively

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