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The Top 3 RA Program Ideas For Campus Students Attending Higher Education

ra program ideas

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Types Of RA Program Ideas For Campus Students

RA Program Ideas

As student activities organizer or a resident assistant, the greatest activities to host are those that students could have not only fun but also have some analytical life skills—activities that add more value than the typical cup of coffee at Java house. With the increasing cost of higher education, as a resident assistant or as a student activities coordinator especially for the upperclassmen, it’s important to come up with cheap or favorable events for students to take part. Below are RA program ideas that you can consider.

1. Academic Programs

Compared to newer students, upperclassmen regularly take academics more seriously, but again, they have a habit of showing a stronger footing in school. So, academic programs are good RA program ideas for upperclassmen.

As their coordinator, you can form study tables or make a campus book club. You can create a wide campus book club by getting input from your literature section faculty, start a theme for every semester and have a round discussion to combine the books. Another opportunity would be to create a trivia night to encourage some healthy competition, as well as challenging their academics.

2. Social Programs

Among the RA program ideas, social programs are the best you can have as younger adults. First, talk with your people and figure out if there are any movies, or television series that they like so that everyone can not only participate but also find some fun. As a team, you can do regular movie nights, series, or a show marathon.

You can spice this up by offering some free snacks and remember it always tastes nice when it’s movie-themed. Bingo night—is a one-time social program that is worth considering—look for some DVD’s, candy, books, video games or anything with a sweet prize that your friends will like. You can come up with some simple stuff like a town visit on a market day, going for theatre production, etc.

3. Educational Programs

For educational programs, you can play into pop culture, for example, Shark week, strategy games like Catan and Risk. You can also host craft nights, a cooking night— let everyone have a chance and learn how to prepare something simple, you can have crepes for starters, and as time goes you can work your way up to prepare full meals. Moreover, you could also organize contribution in things like 5k fundraisers, relay for life or any other community event.

Involve your friends by enquiring from them what they would like. You can also go out of your way to check out their interests on Facebook or any other social media platform—as far as you get a better idea of their collective interests. Get your friends to teach or host programs for their skills like workshops writing or tax help. Those who host programs can also include programs on their activities resume. Many would count it as being exploitative, but it’s not; actually, it’s resourceful!

4. Physical Programs

Physical programs are a great way to get everyone moving, which is normally a favorite of college students. Getting active is also a great break from studies and to refresh them after sitting through classes or in their rooms studying. If you can find ways to do this, it will grow friendships among the students and get them moving out of their rooms!

Make a plan also to host an activity night that can include something like yoga, karate, or other workout routines. You can also create an obstacle course to complete, some type of relay race,

5. Field-Trip Programs

info here

6. Arts & Crafts Programs

info here

7. Outdoor Programs

info here

8. Technology Programs

info here

9. Cultural Programs

info here

10. Stress-Relief Programs


But be prepared not to expect the same turnout when it comes to RA program ideas for upperclassmen, even with free snacks their interests and needs vary.

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The Top 3 RA Program Ideas For Campus Students Attending Higher Education
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