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This blog is about Bergeron knowing best.  I’m not going to bore you will all kinds of bullshit facts you are not interested in, but then again I might.  I’m going to break it down for you real quick and simple like, the Bergeron way.

You are fucking busy, I know this, and for that reason I’m here to make your life just a little easier.  I effortlessly use my innate ability, almost sometimes subconsciously to break down the best ways to do all kinds of shit.  From storing broccoli, to getting sober, to all kinds of other cool shit.  Each time I explain the best way to do something, I’ll include actual real world info (you’re welcome), with a side of Bergeron.

What is the “Bergeron” you ask?  Bergeroning something means one or all of the following.

  • It’s funny and therefor enjoyable to read.
  • Cram packed with exactly what you need to know.
  • A little exaggerated.
  • Going off on a rant about something (usually stupid shit).
  • Or…sometimes all of the above.

Also, while Bergeron has personally experience and/or researched most of the topics on this blog, he has not personally done all of them.  I’ll leave it up to you to figure out which of these tips he has experienced in real life or just assimilated with his superior intellect.

If you want me to break it down for something you need help with, just drop me a line.  There isn’t a topic around that I can’t help with and between my brother and I, we know everything.

Oh, you might also ask yourself why Bergeron jumps back and forth between first and third person all the time.  I really just like to, and because he can.

Lastly, in addition to all the stellar how to information, best practices, tips and tricks you will find on this site there is also a rants and raves section called “In My Opinion”.  This is where Bergeron see some shit in everyday life and just has to break it down real quick.

Things Bergeron Digs The Shit Out Of

This list is not in order of importance.  However, it is important.  Boston is single handedly the most successful and wicked sports city in the universe.

boston sports kicks ass

New England Patriots – Best organization in football, headed up by the three GOAT’s. Craft, Belechik and Brady of course.

Boston Red Sox – All I have to say is fuck a Yankee.  2004 could be one of the greatest teams of all time.  Thanks for the greatest choke ever, good job New York.  But really is wasn’t that you choked, it was really because of the greatest stolen base in MLB history.

Boston Celtics – 17 Championships and counting…see the full list here.

Boston Bruins – Can you say Bergeron?

Bill Burr – One of the funnies fuckahs in the universe

His Family

Boston Baked Beans

Faneuil Hall Marketplace – Pronounced: “FAN-YOU-IL”, which oft sounds like “Fanual”

The Kancamagus Highway – Highway 112, or the Kanc, runs from Center Conway to North Woodstock, just south of Franconia Notch. Passing through the White Mountain National Forest, it is considered one of the most scenic highways in the U.S. and offers a number of interesting stopping off points.

Interesting Facts About Bergeron

  1. Bergeron was born and raised in New England, but now lives Colorado.
  2. He has a broken nipple.
  3. His favorite color is clear.
  4. I can’t watch a movie without eating popcorn with black truffle salt.
  5. When playing golf he can only wear green socks.
  6. He once rode a lama into a grocery store in the midwest to purchase tortilla chips.
  7. He won a thumb wrestling competition with a shark.

Bergeron Thinks Philadelphia Sports Is The Worst

Philadelphia Sports Is The Worst