The Semicolon Tattoo Meaning And How It Got Started

What Is The Story Behind The Semicolon Tattoo Meaning And Why Is It So Popular?

Tattoos carry different meanings for different people. Let’s face it, it’s a singular experience. Lately, you might have been seeing more and more semicolon tattoos.
Just what does a semicolon tattoo mean? Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, semicolon tattoos certainly carry significance for a lot of people around the world. It represents a personal connection to a universal movement.

Semicolon Tattoo Meaning

The semicolon tattoo was originally made popular by a lady named Amy Bleuel. She had the semicolon inscribed on her body as a commemoration of all that she had struggled and suffered through. In her life, Amy dealt with depression, addiction, and serious family trauma. As a result of her battle with mental health issues, she founded Project Semicolon in 2013.
Project Semicolon is a non-profit organization that focuses on the prevention of suicide through mental health awareness. It is faith-based and works within both religious and non-religious communities to promote positive mental health practices.
The semicolon tattoo meaning is simple yet profound. A semicolon is used in English grammar as a way of potentially ending a sentence, but instead choosing not to. The direction of the sentence can still be determined by the author. Much of the same can be applied in life. Think of the sentence as a metaphor for your existence. It is something in which you ultimately decide the course of. Your emotions, choices, and everything else stems from within yourself.
Individuals select semicolon tattoos to showcase their own personal battle with mental health issues. They are a universal representation of solidarity for those suffering from suicidal tendencies and other mental concerns. It can also be seen outside of tattoos. The semicolon is woven onto shirts and even made into pendants.
It was most famously seen on the hit Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, which was based on a young adult novel detailing a community’s reaction towards the suicide of a high school teen. In support of the movement, three members of the production got the same tattoo. This included Selena Gomez of Disney fame.
The semicolon has also taken on an additional meaning within the community of people with Crohn’s disease. The idea is that people with Crohn’s have a semi-colon.
Getting a semicolon tattoo does not have to do with either of the reasons above, it can be something completely different and personal for you. It’s just important to understand it’s a part of a positive worldwide movement. The semicolon is used to promote hope and optimism to those struggling with mental health issues.
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