Five Fun Facts About Hawaii

5 Fun Facts About Hawaii

As the only state in the United States made up entirely of islands, Hawaii boasts a myriad of distinctive qualities that set it apart from the rest of the country. With eight main islands and more than 100 smaller islands, Hawaii is a tropical paradise surrounded by the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Offering such a diverse landscape and people, Hawaii is full of surprises at every turn. Here are five fun facts about Hawaii.


Because of its remote location separated from other states, Hawaii has its own time zone. Referred to as Hawaiian Standard Time, the Ahola State is one of two states in the country that never follow Daylight Savings Time. As is typical of an island life culture, Hawaiians conduct their lives on a more relaxed and laid-back schedule. Known as “Hawaiian time”, this attitude is reflective of the island’s tradition of enjoying the simple things in life.

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As one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island of Oahu, the Dole Plantation features the largest pineapple maze in the world. Stretching over three acres, this beautifully crafted garden maze is both challenging and beautiful. Other activities at the plantation include the Pineapple Express Train Tour and the Plantation Garden Tour. An eclectic gift shop and a variety of food and refreshment offerings such as the well-loved DoleWhip continue to draw in visitors.


kona coffee hawaii

As the only state that grows its own coffee, Hawaii boasts a rich tradition in cultivating this crop. The island of Hawaii leads the islands in coffee bean production, with the Kona district producing the majority of it. The region’s warm climate, high elevations, and rich soil make it an ideal location to grow this aromatic and delish product. Kona coffee is known around the globe for its exquisite and unique taste.


With only 12 letters in its entire alphabet, the Hawaiian language can be a challenge to tourists and non-native speakers. Because there are only seven consonants, the alphabet also relies on the symbols of an ‘okina and a kahakō, to change the sound of the word.


Because of its idyllic tropical location, Hawaii has had a starring role in many blockbuster films. The scenic set location provides for majestic backdrops, making Hawaii a popular place for filming. “Jurassic Park” and “Jurassic World” famously used the cascading waterfalls on the lush island of Kauai in the opening sequences of the movies. Other movies that were filmed in the islands include “The Descendents”, “Pearl Harbor”, and “Soul Surfer”.

These fun facts about Hawaii demonstrate the uniqueness of the 50th state in America. Endless sunny days and warm tropical breezes are the just a few of the things that make Hawaii one of the most interesting states in the union. Aloha!

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