Which Game Of Thrones House Are You?


What Do You Value Most In An Ally?

If You Had All The Money In Westeros, What Would You Spend It On?

What Would You Do To Someone Who Hurt Your Family?

As A Leader, What Is Your Main Task?

What Type Of Geographic Battle Would You Most Like To Be In?

Pick Your Favorite Beverage

Which Game Of Thrones House Are You
House Stark
Kingdom of the North, ruled by Torrhen of House Stark
House Hoare
Kingdom of the Isles and Rivers, ruled by Harren of House Hoare
House Arryn
Kingdom of the Mountain and Vale, ruled by Ronnel of House Arryn
House Lannister
Kingdom of the Rock, ruled by Loren of House Lannister
House Gardener
Kingdom of the Reach, ruled by Mern of House Gardener
House Durrandon
Kingdom of the Stormlands, ruled by Argillac of House Durrandon
House (Nymeros) Martell
Principality of Dorne, ruled by Princess Meria of House (Nymeros) Martell

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