The Best Star Wars Books And How They Came To Be

If You Are Looking For The Best Star Wars Books Keep Reading…Some Say It’s Star Wars Legends…You Decide…

best star wars books

When most people think of the galaxy far, far away, the first thought is usually George Lucas’ iconic films. The Stars Wars movie franchise has made an impact on television, film, and on entertainment as a whole throughout the whole world. It marked a change in the perception of sci-fi and fantasy works by the public and served to spawn a whole galaxy of characters, lore, and stories. From the first film, which aired in 1977, to the most recent movie (which focused on the young Hans Solo) in 2018, this beloved franchise has proved to be enduring and still relevant to today’s audiences. There are now toys, spin off movies and shows, video games, parks, hotels, and…You guessed it, books!

While it may be surprising to some to imagine the visual and cinematic extravaganza that the movies deliver brought into book form, the novels that have been written and published for the Star Wars universe provide a lot of information and add to the canon of the classic tale. It can often be hard to understand all the intergalactic politics that go on in the universe of Star Wars. Sure there are the bad guys and good guys, which the films pretty easily convey to the audience, but what about the history behind the Force and  the Jedi? The Sith Lords represent the infamous Dark Side, but why do they all have red lightsabers? Why do some Jedi have blue, and some green? Okay, those questions may be a little bit more on the silly and minute side, but the fact is that the Star Wars books address these questions and so much more. They continue to build on the world by delving further into existing characters and backstories and adding new ones. The books range from those written for children, to short stories and series that expand on the universe. The most iconic of these, and the best Star Wars books for the avid fan to read (or listen to on audiobook) are the collection of stories called the Star Wars: Legends series, which has been around since the 1990’s. In 2014, these stories were declared non-canon, but for many years people held them to be fact in the Star Wars universe, and many fans still defend those stories.

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Overall, there are a great many stories within the Star Wars universe for the fan to explore.  That’s why we love the Star Wars universe, isn’t it? Sure the iconic lines, beautiful visuals, memorable soundtracks, and fun characters keep drawing in fans and sticking in the hearts of people over and over, but many people also fell in love with the story of it. It’s a story of hope, of light and dark. It’s a story of finding yourself and finding where you belong. Where fighting for what’s right may cost you everything, and questioning what is right can result in anything. The books in the Star Wars universe promise to expand and deliver on just that, too.


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