10 Must Have Unicorn Gifts And Toys

10 Must Have Unicorn Gifts And Toys For The Girls And Women In Your Life

Option#1 Dellukee Unicorn Backpack [Amazon Link]

The Dellukee Unicorn Backpack might be one of the most popular unicorn gifts because of the incredibly artistic and stylish backpack design that is perfect for school. This backpack can be used for multiple purposes, including school, traveling, and other outdoor activities. The durable design is a nice touch and the storage pockets remain secure. You can also easily adjust the shoulder strap for enhanced comfort.


  • Artistic Unicorn-Themed Backpack
  • Multi-Purpose Design (School, Traveling, Outdoors)
  • Plenty of Storage Space


  • Average Durability
  • Partially Faulty Zippers


Option#2 Unicorn Wall Posters [Amazon Link]

These high-quality Unicorn Wall Posters could easily be considered one of the best gifts for animal lovers. The paintings were created with a watercolor theme and they can easily be placed on the wall for presentation. These high-quality canvas paintings are affordable and budget-friendly. They are certainly one of the best artistic gifts that you can acquire for a unicorn lover.


  • Premium Artistic Quality (Watercolor)
  • Budget-Friendly Price Range


  • Paint Frames are Not Included
  • Only Available in One Canvas Size


Option#3 Color Changeable Unicorn Marquee Sign [Amazon Link]

There are a lot of great artistic unicorn-themed products to consider buying for somebody that enjoys the presence of unicorns. This Color Changeable Unicorn Marquee Sign is battery-powered and operates efficiently by flashing multiple colors. You can use two standard AA batteries to effectively power this decorative sign and you can be confident that it will be extremely popular with individuals that enjoy unicorns.


  • Flashes in 8 Different Colors
  • Extremely Cost-Effective
  • Stylish and Artistic Design


  • Poor Durability
  • Requires 2 AA Batteries (Not Included)


Option#4 Unicorn Digital Alarm Clock [Amazon Link]

It might be a good idea to consider buying this Unicorn Digital Alarm Clock for people that love unicorn-themed accessories for their household. There are three different unicorn-themed alarm clock schemes available with slightly different artistic designs on each selection. The clock is powered by two AG-13 batteries and four additional AAA batteries. The LCD display on the face of the clock will show the week, date, and time, as well as the current temperature.


  • High-Quality LCD Display
  • Three Different Designs are Available
  • Extremely Affordable


  • Four AAA Batteries and Two AG-13 Batteries are Required
  • Not Very Durable


Option#5 Pink Unicorn Snow Gloves for Winter Weather [Amazon Link]

This gift recommendation is perfect for colder weather in the wintertime. These Pink Unicorn Snow Gloves are available in multiple sizes and are completely waterproof. The warm and comfortable interior on these gloves will keep your hands warm during outdoor winter activities like snowboarding. The durable nylon fabric material will provide a comfortable and warm feeling as you enjoy the winter weather conditions.


  • Several Size Variations are Available
  • Perfect for Outdoor Winter Activities


  • Some Sizes are Out of Stock
  • Short Term Durability


Option#6 Aurora Unicorn Stuffed Animal [Amazon Link]

Sometimes the simplest of gifts can have the largest impact and that is why we are highlighting this Aurora Unicorn Stuffed Animal. This is a great gift for anyone that loves unicorn-themed items and this stuffed animal is approximately 7-Inches in size and is suitable for all ages. This is specifically great for younger individuals that love unicorns and you won’t have to break the bank to afford this cost-effective stuffed unicorn from Aurora.


  • Extremely Affordable Price
  • Perfect Gift for All Ages (Especially Children)


  • Only Available in Pink
  • Only Available in One Size (7-Inches)


Option#7 Delta Upholstered Unicorn Twin Bed [Amazon Link]

The Delta Upholstered Unicorn Twin Bed is a perfect gift for younger children that love unicorns. The pink unicorn-themed design for this twin-bed is extremely appealing and is crafted with wood and faux leather. The assembly process shouldn’t be too difficult and you can have this stylish unicorn bed fully-assembled in a short time. The maximum weight for this bed-frame is currently rated at 350 Pounds.


  • Stylish Unicorn-Themed Twin Bed
  • Ideal for Younger Children


  • Requires Full Assembly
  • Expensive Price Range

ASIN: B07L3K92T9

Option#8 LOVELY LITTLE THINGS Unicorn Storage Bin [Amazon Link]

We have finally arrived at our eighth product recommendation for individuals that love unicorns. This could be a perfect gift because it is perfect to use around the house to store various types of items. There are many reasons that you might want to purchase the LOVELY LITTLE THINGS Unicorn Storage Bin but it is perfect to serve as a gift for somebody that enjoys unicorn-themed accessories.


  • Multiple Storage Bin Sizes and Colors
  • Multi-Purpose Design
  • Exceptional Ratings and Feedback


  • Limited Quantity Available
  • Slightly Expensive


Option#9 Sleepwish Cute Unicorn Blanket [Amazon Link]

Our penultimate gift idea focuses on the Sleepwish Cute Unicorn Blanket. This stylish blanket is available in four different size options and has a slightly expensive price. The blanket is crafted with 100% Polyester and is perfect for everyone. The soft and warm blanket material is extremely comfortable and stylish for unicorn lovers. This blanket can also be used in the washing machine for cleaning purposes.


  • Compatible with the Washing Machine
  • Four Size Options are Available


  • Only One Color Design
  • Slightly Expensive Price Range


Option#10 Standie 9-Piece Drawstring Backpack Set [Amazon Link]

Our final gift idea features the Standie 9-Piece Drawstring Backpack Set which includes a unicorn-themed backpack and several accessories to come along with it. You get a standard backpack with a makeup bag, bracelet, necklaces, and more. This is a great gift for anyone that adores unicorns and enjoys traditional decorative items. This multi-purpose set has nine high-quality accessories and an ultra-durable drawstring backpack.


  • High-Quality 9-Piece Set
  • Includes Backpack + Several Unicorn-Themed Accessories
  • Affordable Price Range


  • Limited Quantity Available


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