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5 Things To Do In Montreal Before You Die

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  • October 22, 2018
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things to do in montreal

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5 Things To Do In Montreal Before You Die

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – a gorgeous locale for business or pleasure. With mountains, gardens and plenty of metropolitan diversity, Montreal has plenty of things going on to capture hearts. Take a gander of at least 5 things to do in Montreal that shouldn’t be missed.

1. Popular Landmarks

Montreal endears itself to the historical and sacred backbone of its community. Fascinating churches, structures and points of interest with incredible architecture and stories lure visitors into their rich cultures.

Notre-Dame Basilica – Montreal’s oldest Catholic Church displays fascinating architectural detail, design, history and spiritual invitation.

Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre – an educational experience of Montreal’s Jewish communities before, during and after the Holocaust.

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2. Nature’s Bounty

Mother Nature and Montreal work very closely together. The natural sights, smells and stunning scenery of Montreal’s majestic landscape will leave you breathless.

Laurentian Mountains – Beautiful foliage, winter skiing, dog sledding, ice skating and kayaking are only the beginning of this artistic natural scene.

Montreal Botanical Gardens – One of the world’s greatest botanical gardens don beautiful greenhouses, gardens, over 22,000 plant species, exhibitions, and activities.

3. Delectable Delights

Montreal is chock full of scrumptious eateries, markets and restaurants. From lighter tastes to full-blown courses, great dining experiences await even the pickiest diner.

Atwater Market – Peruse the Lachine Canal’s popular produce market offering mouthwatering baked goods, fresh, local produce, meats and cheeses. A perfect way to spend a day.

Divine Chocolatier – Rich, decadent chocolates, truffles and free samples will satisfy every chocolate-lover’s sweet tooth. Vegan treats are a great addition for those preferring something a little more specific to personal tastes.

4. Water Attractions

Beautiful lakes, streams and all kinds of water sports allow guests to be relaxed by the water their way.

Fishing Old Montreal – A fantastic fishing guide service and getaway for the whole family. No special fishing skills required on this luxury fishing boat with all supplies provided.

Eco museum Zoo – Visit fascinating creatures at Montreal’s only outdoor zoo. Eagles, amphibians, reptiles and more want to see you as much as you want to see them.

5. Shopping

Whether it’s a pretty new pair of shoes or a handsome set of glassware, get ready for some great shopping days in Montreal.

Les Course Mont-Royal – Sumptuous shopping within an old, converted hotel provides upscale designer brands, boutiques and European fashion-flair.

Musee Rene Gagnon Art Museum – Experience sublime and world renowned oil paintings of Quebec’s most intricate and natural landscapes, painted by artiste, Rene Gagnon.

Dare to enjoy more than 5 things to do in Montreal. From markets, to the fine arts, to fashion shows and city tours, Montreal can’t wait to show you the town.

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