10 Narwhal Gifts Even A Sloth Would Love

10 Narwhal Gifts Everyone Will Love

Narwhal Gifts
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Narwhal LED Light String: For 12 feet of narwhal fun, look no further than these LED narwhal string lights! These lights are the perfect gifts for animal lovers, because they are so versatile. They do not need to remain tethered to an outlet because they are battery powered. The silvery wire connecting these narwhal LED lights is very pliable and remains how it has been shaped. That means the uses for these lights are endless – they can be used to add whimsy to any living space, Halloween costumes, and even as a hair accessory! These petite, glowing narwhal lights are must have gifts for narwhal lovers.


Narwhal One Piece Pajamas: A group of narwhals is often referred to as a “blessing,” but can also be called a pod. Whichever is correct, these one piece pajamas offer six color options – enough to outfit the entire group. These pajamas are made from soft fleece that is thin enough to wear over other clothes, making it a great costume choice. They even include pockets. As far as gifts for narwhal lovers go, these one piece pajamas these pajamas are definite winners.


Narwhal Sensory Buckle Pillow: For toddlers, this sensory buckle pillow offers hours of fun. The bottom offers six different types of fasteners and three zippers. There are also snaps, buttons, and even a fabric maze sewn into a cape. With so many different activities at different developmental levels, this narwhal toy is sure to captivate a wide range of children. While designed for children as young as three and as old as eight, anyone with fidgety hands and a love of narwhals would enjoy this sensory buckle pillow.


Narwhal Pool Float: Narwhal gifts do not always offer the opportunity to upgrade summer fun, but this narwhal pool float does! It is recommended for ages eight and older, and can accommodate up to 250 pounds. It is jumbo sized, which means it takes a while to inflate at the beginning of the season and deflate at the end of the season. In the time between, it is loads of fun. The holographic glitter adds to the fun and makes this pool float a great co-star in summer selfies.


Narwhal Pushfins: Narwhals can weigh over one ton and can measure up to 20 feet – far too large to take comfortably into an office or classroom. Luckily, these narwhal push pins allow for easy travel anywhere. For any bulletin board needs, these petite narwhals are up to the task! Besides being absolutely adorable, these narwhal push pins are a conversation piece for anyone who loves narwhals. Pushfins come packaged ready to gift and include 20 push pins per package. Get ready to spice up the office or classroom with these smiling little narwhals!

ISBN: 0998844721

Narwhal Coloring Book: Coloring is a relaxing activity for both adults and children. For anyone who loves narwhals, this coloring book can give the gift of tranquility. The designs are not overly complex, meaning that these coloring sheets are a popular gift for children. Adults can have fun blending colors to make the simple outlines come to life. Four pages of narwhal facts are included to educate and amaze. While there may be no rainbow striped narwhals in the wild, this coloring book gives the artist the ability to unleash his or her imagination on the “unicorns of the sea.” Giving this coloring book as a gift means giving the gifts of relaxation, imagination, and the magic of narwhals all wrapped into one.


Narwhal Toothpick Dispenser: This clever toothpick dispenser is sure to liven up any dinner party for a narwhal enthusiast. Made of matte white porcelain, it will blend seamlessly into almost any dinging room decor. This would make a great housewarming gift for that friend or family member who enjoys both baking and narwhals. It is great fun to watch what appears to be a beluga whale transform into a narwhal as the toothpick is removed. It is said that laughter is the best medicine, and this narwhal toothpick dispenser is guaranteed to result in lots of laughter.


Narwhal Sweatshirt: “Bye Buddy, hope you find your dad,” is possibly the most famous movie line ever spoken by a narwhal. This sweatshirt is a great gift for anyone who enjoys the 2003 movie Elf, narwhals, and being exceptionally cozy. The sweatshirt itself is Gildan brand, and is very soft and heavy. That makes it perfect for cold weather. Even after several washes, the print on the front does not crack. Anyone who enjoys cold weather, Elf, and narwhals is sure to love this sweatshirt.

ASIN: B074RB9D11

Narwhal Mug: If counting sheep lulls someone to sleep, does counting narwhals wake a person up? If so, this coffee mug is the perfect addition to help make mornings easier. Soothing colors like blue, white, and pale pink accompanied with gentle, waving lines make this coffee mug a welcome sight, even on the roughest mornings. There is even a chance that some of the narwhals’ smiles might spread to anyone who looks at it. The pattern does start and stop around the handle, but that gives the drinker a good starting point to count those narwhals and wake up properly. Of course, narwhals are not morning exclusive critters – they are happy to play all day. This mug is a spectacular gift for someone who drinks hot beverages and enjoys narwhal smiles.


Narwhal Throw Blanket: Soft, fuzzy blankets always make a good gift, because it is almost impossible to have too many blankets. This blanket features narwhals, shiny diamonds, rainbows, and wishing stars. Because it is a mix of polyester and microfiber, it gives the best of both, being warm and silky smooth. As a throw blanket, it is sized perfectly for children. However, that does not stop adults from enjoying it just as much! This is a great addition to a child’s narwhal-themed room or to add quirkiness to an adult’s space. Wherever this blanket goes, it is sure to bring smiles.


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