List Of Harry Potter Spells

Below is a comprehensive list of Harry Potter spells.

Aberto: unlocks a door; first seen in Fantastic Beasts (the movie)

Accio: Summoning Charm; used to summon objects toward the caster (usually from a long distance)

Aguamenti: produces a jet of water from the caster’s wand

Alohomora: used to unlock and open doors

Avada Kedavra: the Killing Curse; causes a green flash of light; Harry Potter is the only known survivor of this curse; one of three Unforgivable Curses banned by the Ministry of Magic

Bat-Bogey Hex: causes the victim’s bogies to enlarge, grow wings, and attack the victim

Bubble-Head Charm: creates a bubble of air around the caster’s head and mouth, acting as a breathing apparatus

Caterwauling Charm: causes a loud, high-pitched shrieking noise when encountered

Cheering Charm: causes the person upon whom the spell has been cast to become happy and content

Colloportus: used to magically lock a door and prevent it from being opened by non-magical means

Confringo: Blasting Charm; causes items the charm comes in contact with to burst into flames

Confundo: Confundus Charm; causes the victim to become confused and disoriented

Crucio: causes the victim extreme pain; one of three Unforgivable Curses banned by the Ministry of Magic

Descendo: causes the target object to move downward

Diffindo: Severing Charm; causes the targeted object to rip or tear

Disillusionment Charm: hides objects and humans

Engorgio: Engorgement Charm; causes objects to increase in size

Episkey: used to heal minor injuries

Evanesco: used to vanish objects

Expecto Patronum: used to cast a Patronus (a physical manifestation of one’s most positive feelings), which guards against dementors and can be used for communications

Expelliarmus: used to disarm another wizard

Finestra: shatters glass; first appears in Fantastic Beasts

Homenum Revelio: allows the caster to detect human presence

Impedimenta: Impediment Jinx; prevents the victim from approaching the caster (by knocking back, tripping, etc.)

Imperio: removes the victim’s free will and ability to make decisions for him- or herself; one of three Unforgivable Curses banned by the Ministry of Magic

Impervius: causes objects to repel outside forces, such as water

Incendio: creates fire

Levicorpus: a nonverbal spell that causes the victim to be dangled upside down by his or her ankles

Liberacorpus: the nonverbal countercurse to Levicorpus

Locomotor: causes an object to rise and move at the command of the caster

Lumos: projects a beam of light from the user’s wand

Morsmordre: conjures the Dark Mark

Muffliato: used to prevent conversations from being overheard by filling the ears of those nearby with an unidentifiable buzzing noise

Nox: puts out wand light

Obliviate: used to hide memories

Permanent Sticking Charm: causes objects to permanently stay in place

Petrificus Totalus: Full Body-Bind Curse; temporarily binds the victim’s entire body, thus immobilizing him or her

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Portus: turns objects into Portkeys

Priori Incantato: creates an “echo” of previously performed spells

Protego: Shield Charm; rebounds minor to moderate hexes, jinxes, and spells upon their caster

Reducto: Reductor Curse; breaks objects and in its strongest form has the ability to disintegrate them

Rennervate: revives the victim of a Stunning Spell

Relashio: causes the victim to release whatever they are holding

Rennervate: revives someone who has been Stunned

Reparo: used to repair broken objects

Revelio: a revealing spell; first used in the Fantastic Beasts film to reveal Graves is Grindelwald

Rictusempra: Tickling Charm; causes an extreme tickling sensation that disables the victim

Riddikulus: spell used when fighting a Boggart; causes the Boggart to transform into something the caster finds humorous

Scourgify: used to clean objects

Sectumsempra: spell that causes deep gashes on the victim’s body

Silencio: used to make something silent

Sonorus: magically magnifies one’s voice

Stupefy: used to stun a victim

Taboo: a jinx that can be placed upon a word so that when the word is spoken, a magical disturbance is created which alerts the caster of the Taboo

Tergeo: used to remove matter (blood, dirt, etc.) from an object

Unbreakable Vow: causes the vow being taken by the witch or wizard to be inviolable with the consequence of death if it is breeched

Wingardium Leviosa: Hover Charm; causes an object to levitate

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