10 Ways on How To Get Rid of Armpit Fat

Here Are 10 Ways On How To Get Rid of Armpit Fat

We all know that armpit fat is something we’d rather avoid. Especially in the summer months, when we put on our sleeveless shirts and tank tops, it’s not a fun sight. However, if you can’t seem to get rid of that unwanted armpit fat on your own, then it might be time to check out our handy guide of 10 ways of how to get rid of armpit fat. These tips will give you more confidence the next time your wardrobe calls for more revealing clothing.

1. Massage Method and Massage Creams and Lotions

This is the least fun way to get rid of armpit fat, but it works well. Get a couple of fingers under your arm and start massaging upwards towards your shoulders. It should help direct fluid out of the area. If you’re at work or in public, try to avoid making it obvious what you’re doing. It can be a bit shameful.

There are massage creams and lotions available in the market to help you get rid of armpit fat. These lotions and creams work by breaking down fat and targeting the stubborn fats in your armpits.

2. Aerobics

The more you are willing to exercise, the more calories you burn. It’s a simple equation. Being active isn’t just good for your waistline. It’s also great for your health and can help prevent several health conditions. Besides that, exercising also helps remove toxins from your body and if you’re trying to lose fat around the arms or chest, consider doing aerobic exercises.

3. Diet

Most people think that armpit fat is just a genetic thing or something they can’t get rid of because they naturally have a lot of fat under their arms. But this isn’t true. You can lose it by sticking to a healthy diet. Avoid junk food and stick to vegetables and salads.

Consider incorporating lemon juice into your diet. Lemon juice is one of the least well-known ways to get rid of armpit fat. But it does work well for those sick and tired of their flabby upper arms and can’t seem to shift those last few pounds from there. All you have to do is cut a fresh lemon into quarters and squeeze the juice out of it.

4. Skin Scrubs and Skin Exfoliation

This is a neat trick that can help you get rid of armpit fat while exfoliating dead skin cells. It is suitable for your health too. Use a good quality exfoliant on your underarms in the shower, don’t be afraid to use it as often as you need to.

Skin exfoliation can help you get rid of armpit fat by removing excess dirt and dead skin cells from the area contributing to your problem. There are several methods that you can use while skin exfoliating. These methods range from scrubbing your underarms with a loofa sponge to using a rough-textured washcloth. It’s up to you which method you would like to use.

5. Special Treatments

If you’re desperate for a quick fix, then this might be the option for you. Several treatments can help you lose stubborn fat in less than an hour without severe side effects.

The most common treatment is cool sculpting. Cool sculpting is common amongst celebrities. It is also the most popular cosmetic treatment for eliminating fat in your armpit area. This fat reduction procedure targets fat cells and destroys them by freezing them to death with controlled cooling.

6. Pushups

Pushups are an excellent exercise for the chest, but they work well in targeting the fat under your arms as well. If you are not able to do traditional pushups for some reason, a wall-pushup against the edge of a wall or pillar is an effective alternative that gets the job done.
This exercise makes many muscles active at once.

7. Cardio Exercises and Stretching

A combination of cardio and stretching exercises should help you get rid of armpit fat in less than two months. In your stretching routine, you should focus on areas of your body that are a little more difficult to reach, such as your armpits. In addition to that, make sure you lift weights at least three times a week and include exercises that target the chest area.

8. Proper Exercise To Work Your Arms, Chest, and Shoulder

armpit fat removal

One of the ways how to get rid of armpit fat is to strength train. You can do this by lifting weights, and you’ll also see that your overall arm fat will go down in the process. Below are bodyweight chest exercises, good for your arms, chest, and shoulders.
Bench dip

You can do this exercise using a chair, and by sitting down, grab the edge of the chair and walk your feet forward so that your legs are straight up in the air and your butt is against the back of the chair. Once you’ve done that, lower yourself down until you’re level with the seat.
Chest press

This is one of the most challenging exercises, but it’s great if you want to lose armpit fat. You will need a workout bench and some weights to perform this exercise. Remember that the weights should be able to fit in your hand.
Shoulder press

To perform this exercise, you will need dumbbells. And all you need to do is lift the dumbbells using both hands to a height above your head.
Exercise Ball Method

Using an exercise ball can be a great way to get rid of armpit fat and strengthen your arms simultaneously. Lie down on an exercise ball with your feet touching the ground. While keeping your arms straight, roll the ball up and down in front of you.

9. Be Consistent With Your Workout

It’s hard to lose belly fat and get rid of armpit fat because it’s hard to give an adequate amount of time for exercise, whether it’s cardio or strength training. If you’re seriously trying to lose armpit fat, you’ll have to make exercising a regular part of your week, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day.

10. Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way of keeping fit and getting rid of armpit fat. If you enjoy yoga for its other benefits, consider taking up yoga as a workout so that you can lose armpit fat in less than two months. Once you can get the hang of the exercise, try holding it for as long as possible. This will increase the intensity and help you get rid of armpit fat in a short period.


As we stated initially, getting rid of armpit fat is not easy, but you will succeed with the proper knowledge and some effort. The tips mentioned in this article are proven methods that have been tested and tried by many people. The most important thing is to keep at it consistently.

It’s also embarrassing to talk about or share your armpit fat problem with anyone else. However, do so if it means that you’ll be able to get rid of armpit fat, and the embarrassment will eventually go away.

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