How To Get Free Bits On Twitch (5 Things You Need To Know)

Free Bits on Twitch

With half the world now existing online, an emergence of social media and interaction has begun to dominate the day to day structure of this millennial generation. Amongst these virtual social platforms exists the everyday live-streaming juggernaut Twitch. From videogames to daily activities such as walking your dog, the streaming service allows players and average Joes from all across the world to document each occasion. But of course, along with a live video stream comes fans, and with fans, comes cheering, encouragement, and then compensation. Here we will explore five ways to get free Bits to cheer on your virtual competitors.

1) Watch the Ads
In today’s climate, almost all streaming and gaming platforms alike make a great deal of profit and earn sponsorships by simply running ads in between the feeds of content. On Twitch, eligible viewers have the option to watch short advertisements that engage and in some cases even allow you to interact. Usually lasting for up to 30 seconds, Twitch users can acquire free bits from watching full ads and completing the surveys they may include. Simply click ‘Get bits’, then select ‘watch ads’, and when the button grays out, simply close the ad window and see how many Bits you’ve earned.

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2) Complete Surveys on Twitch (Research Power Group)
Twitch RPG is the innovative feature that allows viewers to complete surveys specifically tailored to improving Twitch content and over all features. When you sign up using a working email address, you will constantly be notified of new surveys that can be completed. For a limited amount of individuals that complete these surveys first, it is guaranteed that they will acquire up to 500 bits! The surveys are usually not that long, so this will give you just enough time to enter for the win.

3) Enter Contests
Entering a contest is a no brainer if you seek to earn extra Bits. Often, Twitch will hold raffle contests that viewers and players alike can enter to not only get free Bits, but free trips and exclusive merchandise and content as well. All you have to do is pay close attention to the opportunities that appear on the feed and take the time to meet the requirements to enter.

4) Stayed Tuned in to Other Exclusive Events
Twitch has grown so popular that it has begun forming relationships with other streaming platforms. Just recently, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan premiered on Amazon, and twitch offered viewers the opportunity to get 400 Bits just by watching one episode! Just like watching for your chance to enter a contest or sweepstakes, you should also stay tuned in to other exclusive events to claim exclusive rewards.

5) Become a Gamer
Becoming a gamer on twitch is the most useful strategy for obtaining free Bits. As a gamer, you have an advantage based on your success in viewers and subscriptions. You will be offered the most invaluable and exclusive opportunities the platform has to offer, and this of course does include free Bits to share with other gamers. Gamers also receive Bit donations from viewers and this translates to actual currency! Become a gamer, and your Bits account will more than likely grow exponentially.

Join the Twitch community today and secure your free Bits to enhance your gaming and viewing experience!

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