5 Amazing Facts About The Bible

We have all encountered a Bible at some point, whether it was Gideon copy in a hotel, a hefty study text, or a simple, red-letter one in a church pew. The Bible has sold billions more copies than any other book and has influenced history in dramatic ways.

Surprisingly, the average person knows hardly anything about the Holy Scriptures, even though there are many amazing facts about the Bible.

The Bible Is Actually 66 Books

Rather than being one work like a novel, the Protestant Bible is composed of 66 shorter books. The Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches have several other books, which are commonly called the Apocrypha. The Bible is also divided into two major sections: the Old Testament and the New Testament (before and after Jesus Christ).

These books encompass a variety of genres, from narratives to sermons. The Bible also has many different authors – some were kings, others were shepherds, and King David was both.

The Chapters And Verses In The Bible Are Not Original

The division of the Bible into chapters and verses is how everyone finds their place. But these helpful dividers were not written by the original authors. In 1205 AD, Stephan Langton created the modern arrangement for a Latin version.

The Geneva Bible was the first English text with verses. It also became one of the most historically significant versions, as Shakespeare used it and the Pilgrims took it to America.

The King James Bible Is The Best-Selling Version

king james version bible

Speaking of important versions of the Bible, most people are familiar with the KJV. Its name comes from the fact that King James I commissioned it to be translated in 1604. Over 250 common phrases we use today come from the KJV, including “my brother’s keeper” and “fell flat on his face.”

The Bible Covers Three Continents

Although we typically associate Israel with the Bible, it does present settings other than the Middle East. In Genesis and Exodus, the Israelites spend 400 years in Egypt, and Jesus lived in Egypt for a short time. The apostle Paul and other Christians traveled to Rome in the New Testament. That makes a total of three continents: Africa, Asia, and Europe.

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The Last Word In The Bible Is “Amen”

The Bible opening phrase, “In the beginning,” is famous, but its ending is less well-known. The Book of Revelation concludes with “Amen.” This word came to English from Hebrew via Greek and Latin and means “So be it” or “yes.”

These are only a few facts about the Bible that many people are unfamiliar with. For a book this old and influential, it is unsurprising that there is so much information to discover about it.

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