Five DND Spells Including The Crown of Madness 5e

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How To Use The Crown Of Madness 5e


The Crown of Madness 5e can be cast on any humanoid creature that you can see within 120 feet. When you cast the spell, the target must make a successful Wisdom saving throw or become charmed by you. When the target is charmed, a crown of jagged iron appears on its head and a look of madness appears in its eyes. On its turn, the targeted creature must use its action to make a melee attack against a creature of your choosing.

The Crown of Madness 5eis a second-level enchantment that lasts up to one minute. The caster needs to use their action on every subsequent turn to maintain the spell. The target also has a chance to make a Wisdom saving throw on their turn to break free of the spell.

The Crown of Madness can be cast by arcane tricksters, bards, sorcerers, warlocks, and wizards. The charmed creature cannot attack the caster or cast any offensive spells that target the caster in any way. Creatures that are immune to the “charmed” status effect are immune to the Crown of Madness.

This spell can be useful in some situations such as when the target needs to remain close to the allies that it will be attacking, but it has some serious drawbacks. Not only does a successful Wisdom saving throw break the spell, but the crown and look of madness clearly marks the target as under a spell. To make the Crown of Madness 5e truly effective, try casting Hold Person on the target to prevent them from using their move actions to move away from their allies.

Is the Great Weapon Master 5e Good to Use in Battle?

Great Weapon Master 5e

Great Weapon Master 5e is a feat that allows you to make a second attack with your bonus action when attacking with a heavy weapon, landing a critical hit, or landing a killing blow on a creature. You can also deal 10 extra points of damage when you hit by taking -5 on your attack roll. This can be incredibly useful when applied correctly. You can take this feat at first level and effectively one-shot many creatures with the +10 bonus damage. The only drawback is the -5 you take on your attack roll. Needless to say, you don’t want to use this feat on something that has a high armor class.

The class that really shines with the Great Weapon Master feat is the barbarian. Barbarians already have high attack and damage rolls, and those get even higher when barbarians are raging. The best time to use this feat is when you have advantage over an enemy. It’s a safe bet that you’ll make your attack roll even with the -5 taken into account. If you don’t have advantage, stick to a regular attack roll unless you can rage.

How to Cast Dissonant Whispers 5e

Dissonant Whispers 5e

Dissonant Whispers 5e is a first-level spell that can be cast by a bard. The caster targets one enemy within 60 feet and whispers a discordant melody that only they can hear. The target is wracked with terrible pain that deals 3d6 psychic damage and must make a Wisdom saving throw. The target also needs to immediately use its reaction to move away from the caster, although they cannot move across obviously dangerous ground such as fire or a pit. If the target succeeds in their saving throw, they take half damage and don’t need to move away from the caster. A deaf creature will automatically make its saving throw.

Dissonant Whispers is best used against a creature with a low Wisdom score such as a goblin or a kobold. It can deal a lot of damage for a first-level spell, and it can force creatures to use their reactions. This can be incredibly useful when fighting groups of enemies that can be targeted by a burst.

What Class Is The Toll The Dead 5e Spell For?

Toll The Dead 5e

Toll the Dead 5e targets one creature within 60 feet. That creature hears the tone of a dolorous bell that fills the air around it for a moment. The target needs to make a Wisdom saving throw or be dealt 1d8 necrotic damage. If they don’t have all of their hit points, it takes 1d12 points of damage instead. The spell increases in damage by one die at 5th level, 11th level, and 17th level.

As its name implies, Toll the Dead belongs to the Necromancy school of magic. It can be cast by a wizard, a cleric, or a warlock. It can obviously do a lot of damage, especially to lower-level creatures that don’t have a high Wisdom score. It’s best used against enemies that have already taken damage from other party members since the damage goes up to a d12 instead of a d8.

How to Best Use the Elven Accuracy 5e Feat

Elven Accuracy 5e Feat

Elven Accuracy 5e is a feat available to elves and half-elves. It allows players to increase their Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma score by 1. It also allows players to reroll one of their dice when they are attacking while they have advantage.

Elven Accuracy is best used to change the balance in your party by giving your elven characters more of an advantage in battle. Since the feat is limited only to elves and half-elves, it is unlikely that you’ll have more than one character in your party with this feat, but it does happen. When it does, you have plenty of chances to rebalance your characters and come up with some new strategies in battle.

The feat is also best when it is used by rogues or warlocks. A rogue that takes Elven Accuracy and adds the extra point to their Dexterity score can hide and make ranged sneak attacks much more easily. Since that action gives them advantage, they’ll be able to reroll one of their attack dice to get the most out of their sneak attack. Meanwhile, warlocks can cast Darkness to hide before using Eldritch Blast, which is a Charisma-based attack. The extra point from Elven Accuracy that goes into their Charisma will give them a better attack roll, and hiding with Darkness will always ensure that they have advantage in battle.

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