12 Celebrities Who Support Trump

12 Celebrities Who Support Trump And What They Are Doing Today

Donald Trump has been the most polarizing president in recent history. Many people see his lack of political experience and tendency to go off the handle as dangerous and offensive. Others see it as refreshing in a world of perfectly poised and unrelatable career politicians. Supporters like his brutal honesty and that he’s not politically correct. Celebrities who support Trump share strong views about our current commander in chief too. Many have been vocal with their criticism of the president. While conservative news outlets and the president say that Hollywood is part of the liberal media and “fake news,” there are plenty of celebrities who have publicly supported Trump. Here are 10 of the most famous celebrities who support the president

Scott Baio

Actor Scott Baio rose to fame by playing Chachi on the hit sitcom Happy Days. He has been very vocal about his support for the president and was even invited to speak at the 2016 Republican National Convention by Trump himselfLike many Trump supporters, Baio appreciated the fact that he spoke like a regular person. Baio also felt that Trump was the Republican candidate most likely to defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he said he doesn’t care if his support for Trump ostracizes him from the rest of Hollywood.

Stacey Dash

Best known for her role as Dionne Davenport in the classic ‘90s movie Clueless, the actress shocked many fans when she came out as one of the few black celebrities who support Trump supporters. Dash had previously been a Democrat but made the switch to voting Republican in 2012. From 2014-2017, Dash was a commentator on the Fox News talk show Outnumbered. Dash has backed Trump because she supports the border wall and feels he represents the interests of working-class Americans. 

Clint Eastwood

Legendary actor and filmmaker Clint Eastwood is one of the president’s most famous supporters. Eastwood has been outspoken about his political views for years. He believes that today’s American culture is too focused on political correctness and he likes Trump because he speaks his mind. During the campaign season, Eastwood admitted that some of Trump’s controversial comments were wrong. However, Eastwood defended the then-candidate, saying that people should get over it. 

Tila Tequila

Former reality star Tila Tequila had been out of the limelight in the years after her show A Shot At Love ended. In 2015, she posted a YouTube video announcing her support for Trump. Her name made headlines in 2016 after her anti-Semitic and racist tweets went viral. After Trump won the election, she tweeted a photo of herself doing a Nazi salute, resulting in Twitter banning her from the platform. 

Kanye West

Let’s not forget the popular rapper proudly walking around in his MAGA hat. West has always had a reputation of being outspoken but faced extreme backlash for supporting the president. On David Letterman’s Netflix show, West argued that liberals bully Trump supporters. West has met with Trump in the Oval Office to discuss issues affecting his hometown of Chicago. Most recently, West contacted the president regarding fellow rapper A$AP Rocky who had been arrested in Sweeden. Many speculate that West’s relationship with Trump is why the rapper was released from Swedish jail. 

Gene Simmons

The Kiss frontman has been supportive about Trump’s plan to build a wall at the southern border. As part of a popular trend, Simmons also expresses a desire for someone in the office who can shake up the political system by being a little more unfiltered. He also believes that Trump has changed American politics and made a positive impact on the US economy. Because of this, Simmons predicts that Trump will win the 2020 election. 

Hulk Hogan

Both Hogan and Trump have connections in wrestling, so it makes sense that they would be friends. However, it goes further than that. Hogan has used Twitter as a platform to repeatedly give the president props. He sees Trump’s presidency as a blessing and had even said that he wished he could’ve been Trump’s running mate back in 2016. 

Paul O’Neill

Former Yankee outfielder Paul O’Neill famously attended a Trump campaign rally in Florida. New York is typically known as a blue state, so he received some backlash for his political leanings. He didn’t let that stop him though. Republican baseball fans were happy to see O’Neill endorse Trump. At a campaign event, Trump said he believed he would win Ohio because of O’Neill’s endorsement since that’s his home state. 

Kid Rock

Kid Rock is an American Badass, and he thinks that Trump is the one to make America great again. He’s shown his support in interviews, at concerts, and even at the RNC. During the 2016 election season, he said that he believed Trump’s success in business would help him run the country better than past presidents. In March 2019, Kid Rock golfed with the president at Trump International Golf Club West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Jesse James

Jesse James has been a Trump fan ever since his appearance on season two of The Celebrity Apprentice. He has announced his support for Trump on social media. James custom made a gun for the president in 2018 to show his respect and appreciation for his leadership. It took James a year to make The Trump .45 gun which is made of stainless steel with gold plating and has the president’s name engraved on it. 

Stephen Baldwin

While his brother Alec earned an Emmy for his impersonations of the president on Saturday Night Live, Stephen has been very open about his support for Trump. In 2015, Baldwin said Trump had his vote because he wasn’t a politician like every other candidate and former president. Baldwin is known as a devout Christian, and he urged Christian voters to vote for Trump in spite of some of his lewd sexual comments. 

Joy Villa

Singer Joy Villa’s notoriety isn’t from her music career, but from her pro-Trump red carpet dresses at the 2019 and 2017 Grammy’s. In 2017, she wore a blue dress with Trump’s name and Make America Great Again slogan on it. For her 2019 look, she wore a dress symbolic of the border wall Trump wants to build, complete with barbed wire on the shoulders and a brick pattern on the back. While many news outlets criticized her, Villa found that the publicity helped one of her singles rise in the music charts.  

While it may seem that everyone in Hollywood hates our president, that’s not exactly true. There are plenty of celebrities who support Trump. There are more celebrity Trump supporters who keep their views private to avoid public backlash. It will be interesting to see the 2020 campaign season and see if more celebrities publicly announce their support for Trump. 

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