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What Adorable Cats Do To Make Us Love Them Even More!

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  • December 06, 2018
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adorable cats

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Adorable Cats Are Everywhere, Here Is What Makes Them So Awesome!

Cats are unpredictable creatures. They want all of your attention one minute, then they want to slaughter you the next. One thing remains certain, though: cats are cute. That is why adorable cats get away with so much, how could you punish something so soft and cuddly? Let’s talk about felines and what makes them so darn cute.

adorable cats

Head Nudge

We’ve all experienced the notorious head nudge. Whether you’re in the middle of a conversation, submerged in paperwork, relaxing on your couch; cats do not care. They will bump their little heads into your hand and demand a petting. They could also be telling you they need food, water, or they’re just leaving their scent on your body; it’s up to you to find out. No matter what the reason, the head nudge is one of the many things that make cats adorable.

“If I Fit, I Sit”

cats in tight spaces

Have you ever seen a cat try to squeeze into a bowl, a vase, a shoe, a box, or anything else that is significantly smaller than their body? You more than likely have, and this is because cats feel comfortable and safe in tight spaces. Their instincts tell them, “Oh no, something might try to attack me while I am asleep!” Therefore, they seek out a small shelter that no other animal can fit into while they are dozing. It certainly is cute when you see a large cat snuggled inside of an empty fishbowl.

Butt Wiggle

Your cat suddenly sees a bug creeping across the floor. Instead of immediately attacking it, they wiggle their butts until they’re ready to pounce. Have you ever wondered why your cat does this? Some say that they’re making sure the ground is sturdy before they jump, others say they’re preparing their muscles before a big movement. Either way, it sure is cute to see your cat shake what their mama gave them.

Let Me In!

the cutest cat

Imagine you’re in the bathroom, doing your business, and you hear a loud sniff. You look down and your cat is trying to shove its whole face under the door. If you’re a cat owner, it probably didn’t take a lot of imagination to picture that. The chances are you’ve seen it every morning since your cat took over your household. You’ve got to admit though, it’s pretty adorable.


What is a zoomy, you ask? It’s when your cat takes off running around the house at full speed. It’s almost as if they’re performing in the kitty Olympics, or they’re trying to escape the spirits in your home. These random episodes are a way for cats to burn off excess energy. The zoomies are cute, even if your cat wakes you up at 3 a.m.

In Conclusion

Welcome as many adorable cats into your home as you can. Double the cats, double the cuteness. How could you not love these special creatures?

Little Kittens Talking And Meowing

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