What is Frustration Free Packaging?

What Is Frustration Free Packaging And Why It Matters…

Imagine you just purchased a new collectible, or tool, or toy, and you are so excited to get it out and start using it. But, the product packaging is more secure than Fort Knox, and you spend more time opening the package than you spent buying it! And if you are a child, or you are have a physical disability, it might truly be impossible for you to open the product without help. Not only that, but using a knife or box cutter to open a package can result in serious injury. That’s no way to be introduced to a new product!

Difficulty opening isn’t the only thing about a product’s packaging that can frustrate consumers. Oftentimes packaging is far too bulky and wasteful. In a world with consumers who are more and more concerned about plastic waste, a product that comes wrapped in lots of unnecessary packaging can be off-putting, and can even cause consumers to pass on buying your product altogether.

what is frustration free packaging

Difficult to open, wasteful packaging can discourage potential customers from buy your products, costing your business money. Luckily, it’s completely unnecessary for businesses to take the risk. You can package your product in a way that doesn’t frustrate your customers, while also not costing you much.

So, what is frustration free packaging? Frustration free packaging is packaging that keeps your product safe without being difficult to open or generating excessive waste and garbage. There are no wire ties or hard shell casings that require sharp objects to open. Additionally, frustration free packaging is made from materials that are totally recyclable, so that consumers don’t have to fill a landfill just to use your company’s product.

The next time you are considering ways to package your product, ask yourself “What is frustration free packaging, and what can we do to adopt it?” By making the switch to a better packaging solution, you can help your customers open your product more easily and safely, while also helping the environment and helping drive sales.

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