Parachute Pants And Why They Still Suck

What Are Parachute Pants And Why They Still Suck

parachute pants

In the 1980s, a style of pants – parachute pants – instantly became a very popular trend, one which was helped along by the rapper MC Hammer. He wore these pants. They fit him loosely and allowed him to move with agility, without getting caught up in the pants’ material.

How Did They Get Their Name?

They got their name because of the materials they were made of. They consisted of a thin nylon material, which resembled the materials that parachutes are made of. Often, this pant style had a series of pockets with zippers and sometimes even zippered pant legs. These zippered pant legs allowed people to put their high-top boots or sneakers on and then zip the pant leg around the boot.

When Were Parachute Pants Popular?

The style of pants was most popular during the years of ’84 and ’85. They became quickly associated with break dancers and R&B singers. These pants became most popular with young men, although the manufacturer did eventually make styles that fit women and girls.

However, because of rappers like MC Hammer, they actually earned the nickname “MC Hammer pants” because he wore them so often. Stylistically, one could say that the thighs of his pants resembled Genie or harem pants. This style allowed for ease of movement and looked very flashy, which suited the larger-than-life styles that the 1980s were known for.

Other Influences

Some people who wore Hammer pants made them even more ornate than they were originally. These pant-wearers took inspiration from the styles of India to create their unique pant styles. These pants had different kinds of embroidery and patterns on them. This gave the person who wore the pants are unique fashion edge.

Final Thoughts

Parachute pants became popular in the mid-1980s. They were constructed of a thin nylon material that resembled the material that parachutes are made of. That gave them their name.

Eventually, when rappers like MC Hammer started wearing them due to their flexibility and comfort, then the pants actually also became known as Hammer pants. Many rap stars and singers, like Michael Jackson eventually owned pairs of these popular pants. Nowadays, people who wear them are usually feeling a bit nostalgic and want to dress and a retro style.

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