The Best And Longest Spinning Fidget Spinner In The Universe

The Longest Spinning Fidget Spinner Was Created By┬áMinebeaMitsumi Inc, Find Out What It’s Record Is Below…
longest spinning fidget spinner

First, let us discuss what a fidget spinner is. A fidget spinner is a small device integrated with ball bearings located in certain parts of the spinner, allowing the user to “flick” the fidget spinner while pinching the middle of it and having the spinner rotate around in circles. They come in many shapes and designs, and they range at an estimated cost of $2 to almost $17,000. The primary purpose for the fidget spinner was a way for children and adults with attention deficit disorder, autism and anxiety to ease their problems. Over time, fidget spinners became mainstream, causing retailers to carry many different types and styles. Since the creation of fidget spinners, some companies have tried to make the longest spinning fidget spinner.

The longest spinning fidget spinner was made by the Japanese bearing company NSK, which clocked in at 12 minutes after one spin. It was deluxe in size, and it held the record until MinebeaMitsumi Inc. created a fidget spinner that recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Their fidget spinner, aptly named “Real Spin Ms,” was timed at 24 minutes and 46.34 seconds while spinning on one finger. Most fidget spinners do not turn for an estimated three minutes or less on one spin. The two Japanese fidget spinners mentioned are priced starting at $470 and use state-of-the-art technology to spin for that extension of time.

Are fidget spinners still as popular today as they were when first released? The luster for fidget spinners of any price point dwindled since they were first released in 2017. In fact, sales between February 2017 and May 2017 showed a peak towards the end of the three month period, but because of the popularity and lack of product getting into retail stores, the interest had started to dwindle. Also, with the popularity of children playing with fidget spinners in the classrooms, schools began to ban fidget spinners while school was in session. Now in 2018, fidget spinners are everywhere, and where there are the select few that still buy these, most of them sit on the shelf while the next fad has taken its place.

Longest spinning fidget spinner on one hand – Guinness World Records

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