Are You Asking Yourself “How Many Grad Schools Should I Apply To?”

how many grad schools should i apply toIf you are interested in pursuing further studies, you have asked yourself this question, how many grad schools should I apply to? Although applying to as many grad schools as possible increases your chances of getting in, it can be quite expensive and time consuming.

How Many Grad Schools Should I Apply to?

Your best bet is to apply to more than 1 grad school because admission isn’t always guaranteed. The admission committee usually looks at a number of factors and sometimes, it takes a little bit of luck to get in. There are two common mistakes that people often make when applying to grad school.

The first is relying on location. Some people will apply to a grad school closer to home because they don’t want to inconvenience themselves. Don’t be one of those people. When you focus on one school because of location, you limit yourself because there could be better graduate schools away from where you live.

The second mistake is applying to a school because of its reputation. Although it doesn’t hurt to go to a school with a good reputation, you should not do so because you believe it will improve your career prospects. Your attitude and expertise will determine how far you progress in your career, not the grad school you go to.

How to Apply

You should apply to more than one grad school, but not to every program that you see. You need to know what each program has to offer. You should also find out if those programs are inline with your career goals and interests. Another aspect to look at is the competitiveness of the program. Make sure that your grades match the minimum entry requirements into that program. Once you have considered these factors, you can apply to the graduate programs that meet this criteria.

Is there a Specific Number?

The number of grad schools that you apply to will be determined by you and not anyone else. However, as a rule of thumb, it’s advisable that you apply to at least 5 graduate programs that you are well qualified for. If you must go beyond 5, let them be less than 10. That way, you save on application fees and increase your chances of getting into a competitive program.


The best way to increase your chances of admission into grad school is to apply to more than one school. Consider your qualifications and the level of competitiveness that comes with the course. Don’t apply to a school because it’s closer to home or because it has a good reputation.

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