How Long Do Spiders Live? Is Last Weeks Top Question

You May Be Asking Yourself “How Long Do Spiders Live?”

How Long Do Spiders Live
And if you are asking this question, we have the answers for you below.
There’s been plenty written about spiders, and most of us don’t know whether to call them insects or bugs. Scientifically speaking, spiders are neither. They fall under the category of arachnids, and many of you have found these 8-legged creatures hanging out about the corners of your living quarters. If you’re wondering, how long do spiders live, we have some interesting answers.

We get it. Some of you are not wild about spiders, and you’re not alone. Many people fear them, and yet, these intelligent arachnids are residing in just about every corner of the globe except for Antarctica. You cannot avoid them; spiders and humans have to share the space, and with more than 40,000 different spider species, well, there’s room for everyone.

This brings us to house spiders. These amazing creatures have long legs that can move about quite rapidly, and they wait to trap flying insects that wander into their web. Arachnid experts say that house spiders can bite but don’t have poisonous venom.

House spiders are often seen during the summer months, and these arachnids are found mostly in homes across North America and Europe.

So, some of you may ask, how long do house spiders live?

You’d be surprised. These are resilient arachnids that can go months without any food or water. Entomologists say that house spiders can live for several years.

When it comes to wolf spiders, you don’t have to worry about tell-tale webs because this solitary arachnid doesn’t spin webs. However, this species is found worldwide and can live in all kinds of environments from wetlands to deserts. Sometimes, wolf spiders venture indoors, and when you see one, you will notice their agility and fast-moving body, and yes, wolf-like face.

The wolf spider looks muscular, if you will, and it seizes its prey by pouncing on them. These arachnids fancy crickets and flies for dining.

Spider experts say a wolf spider’s bite is not poisonous but can cause the skin to swell and itch and feel like a bee sting.

For those of you wondering how long do wolf spiders live, this delivers an interesting answer. Males generally live for one year or less, but the mighty females can live for several years.

Let’s face it. Human beings need to share the planet, and spiders have been around for eons. They were here first, more than 150 million years before the dinosaurs.

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How Long Do Spiders Live
How Long Do Spiders Live? Is Last Weeks Top Question
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