Everything You Need to Know About Horse Reins

Everything You Need to Know About Horse Reins

Horses are gorgeous, powerful animals, and horse riding is a favorite pastime of many. There are people, such as cattle farmers and ranch hands, who ride horses for work, people who ride in horse shows and racing competitions, and people who ride for the sheer pleasure of it. However, no matter what type of rider a person is, the importance of buying the correct horse reins cannot be overstated.

The Use of Reins

The main use of reins is to give subtle, easy commands to the horse one is riding. They can be used to change the direction of a horse, slow him down, or speed him up. Reins can also signal when a rider wants a horse to stop. A single rein can be used as a lead rope, as well.

Types of Reins

There are several different types of horse reins. Closed reins, also known as loop reins, are the reins people most often see on television and at rodeo events. They are made in such a way that they are almost impossible for the rider to drop them. Double reins are usually used in conjunction with a double bridal. They are constructed of two pairs of reins, a curb rein and a snaffle rein.

Split reins are another popular type of rein that are often seen in westerns. They are not attached to one another at the ends, and they keep the horse from getting tangled in them while in use. Draw reins and running reins can attach either to the girth or to the saddle. They are then run through the bit rings and pulled back to the rider.

A lead rein is a third rein that is often attached to the bridal for extra support. Despite the name, they are not to be confused with a lead rope. Long reins are simply reins that are made much longer than normal, and these can be used as a lead rope if attached the correct way.

Where Can I Buy Reins?

Horse reins can be bought anywhere you can find other types of horse supplies, such as saddles, stirrups, and horse shoes. You can also find them at any chain retailers that specialize in farm equipment or supplies like Tractor Supply. Furthermore, you can even buy good reins online on eBay or Amazon.

The truly important thing about reins is that a person does his research before he buys them. A person needs to know exactly what type of riding he is going to be using the reins for (racing, leisure riding, etc.) and in what manner he wants to use them, whether that is to train the horse, lead the horse, or give directions to the horse. It is easy enough to find the right reins once one knows what type he needs. Once the type of reins has been decided, tracking them down is as easy going to a local farm and feed store or doing a quick Amazon search.

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