You Won’t Believe What Amber From Married With Children Is Doing Today

Everything You Need To Know About Amber From Married With Children And Her Role In The Wildly Popular Sitcom.

amber from married with children

Married with Children was a hugely popular American sitcom than ran from 1986 until 1997. It starred Ed O’Neill as the Bundy family patriarch, Al, Katey Sagal as Al’s wife and the children’s mother, Peggy, Christina Applegate as Peggy and Al’s daughter Kelly, and David Faustino as their son, Bud. It also starred Amanda Bearse as their neighbor, Marcy, David Garrison as Marcy’s first husband, Steve, in seasons 1 through 4, and Ted McGinley, Marcy’s second husband, Jefferson, in the remaining seasons.

People absolutely loved the show, and the characters became household names. Everyone knew exactly who Al and Peggy Bundy were. Kelly was a 90’s sex symbol and heart throb, and Bud was the typical nerdy, pervy brother who somehow, despite all that, was still likeable. But there was one character who most people don’t seem to remember, which begs the question, “Who exactly was Amber from Married with Children?”

Amber was a character who showed up in season 9. She was Marcy s niece who came to live with Marcy so that she didn’t have to live in a bad neighborhood in Los Angeles. During the first episode in which she made an appearance, Bud slept with her. In every other episode that Amber appeared in, Bud tried relentlessly to get her back into his bed to no avail. Amber appeared in four episodes in season 9, the last of which saw her destroying Bud’s cyber sex simulators, and then she never showed up again.

Amber was played by American actress Juliet Tablak, now 44 years old, originally from Willow Glenn, California. At age 15, she relocated to Los Angeles, where she completed ballet training with the Pasadena Dance Theater and graduated high school from Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. She taught ballet at several dance schools in Los Angeles for a while before dedicating herself full-time to acting.

In the early nineties, she appeared in several different television shows, including In the Heat of the NightSilk StockingsThe Larry Sanders Show, and Picket Fences, among others. Her most notable role, however, was definitely as Amber from Married with Children. According to her profile on IMDB, she also has a directing credit for a movie called He’s So Fine. She continued acting until the year 2000 when she quit for good, or at least for now.

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Although in interviews Tablak says she truly enjoyed acting and her life in Hollywood, it was only one small stepping stone in the story of her life. These days, Tablak is no longer acting or directing, but despite that, she is still doing quite well for herself. A graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College and PhysicalMind Institute, Tablak is now a licensed chiropractor and a Pilates instructor at the Center of Balance Chiropractic Care Clinic, which is a whole-body wellness center in Mountain View, California. She is also actively pursuing her clinical nutrition certificate so that she can also help see to her patients’ nutritional needs, as well as their physical ones. She has been happily married since 2008.

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