How To Stop Binge Eating For The Rest Of Your Life

If You Are Looking For How to Stop Binge Eating Once And For All…Keep Reading For More Help

how to stop binge eatingIf you know about binge watching, you have a rough idea of what binge eating entails. Binge eating is whereby a person eats large amounts of food even when they are not hungry. According to the American Psychiatric Association, binge eating is one of the most serious mental disorders in the US. It often leaves the victims overweight, depressed, and ashamed of their bodies. Despite people saying that they can’t control it, they can learn how to stop binge eating by sticking to the following guidelines:

1. Avoiding Low Fat Diets

Although low fat diets are helpful in weight loss, they should be controlled. It’s very tempting for those that take low fat diets to get into the habit of binge eating because these foods often lead to hunger that tempts people to eat more than they should. Additionally, avoiding certain foods because they have a large fat content can increase cravings and also lead to binge eating.

2. Don’t Skip Lunchtime

Sometimes you have to skip meals because you have a heavy workload. However, don’t turn this action into a habit because it can lead to cravings and binge eating. Try as much as possible to stick to your eating schedule.

3. Be Mindful

Learn to pay attention to yourself and listen to your body. Only eat when you feel hungry and know when to stop. Practice mindfulness and learn how to monitor your feelings. When you are sad, do something that will make you happy instead of binge eating.

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4. Eat Fiber Rich Foods

Your diet should contain fiber rich foods such as beans and broccoli since they take longer to be digested and leave you feeling full for longer. As a result, you are not tempted to binge eat.

5. Drink Water

You should learn to drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated and get rid of cravings. Being hydrated helps you avoid thinking about certain meals and keeps you disciplined and disinterested in binge eating. Another point to note is that you should only drink when you feel thirsty. Drinking water all the time is a form of binge eating.


If you want to learn how to stop binge eating, you have to commit yourself and learn to follow the rules. You should also be consistent with your diet. For example, if you have planned to follow a fiber rich diet, make sure that you have a meal schedule of the fiber-rich foods that you will be eating on a daily basis and don’t skip a single day.

Living With an Eating Disorder

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