How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Windows 10

If you have forgotten or misplaced your WiFi network’s password information, there are a few steps you can go through in order to find this information on Windows 10. These steps are simple and easy to follow, making this a simple task for even the least tech savvy of people. The following tutorial will guide you through these steps and show you how to find WiFi password on Windows 10.
The first step required is to make sure your Windows 10 PC is connected to the WiFi network with the password you are looking for. The quick way to check the WiFi network that you are currently connected to can be done by clicking on internet access icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, to the left of the time and date.
The WiFi network you are currently connected to can also be checked by pressing the Windows key, and then selecting Settings.
From Settings, go to Network & Internet. The Network & Internet tab is where most of the information related to your WiFi network can be located on Windows 10.
In Network & Internet, you can go to the Status tab on the left side of your screen and scroll down to the Network and Sharing Center option. Click on this, and it will show you information about your WiFi connection.
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Select your WiFi connection, listed next to Connections, and then select Wireless Properties. While within the Wireless Network Properties tab, select the Security tab.
The Security tab is where you will be able to check your network’s WiFi password. You can check you WiFi password by selecting the Show Characters check box within the Security tab. This should display your network’s WiFi password in the Network security key box.
With that, you should be all set up with your WiFi network’s information. You can now connect more devices to your WiFi network and copy down your information somewhere safe. These steps should aid in locating the WiFi password for your currently connected network. Hopefully this guide was able to help show you how to find WiFi password on Windows 10.
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