How To Copy And Paste On Chromebook

Want To Know How To Copy And Paste On Chromebook? Then Keep Reading Because Our Exhaustive List Explains All!

Chromebooks are multifaceted compact computers. Over the last few years, Chromebooks have become pretty popular as they deploy the Chrome OS, a lightweight operating system. Although they have lesser facets than macOS, Windows, or Linux, they are growing in popularity. Chromebooks do not use a lot of computer memory since they use cloud storage for most file storage.

Chromebooks are a cheaper option than Mac or Windows. Unfortunately, they have many commands and hotkeys distinct from what most individuals deploy in macOS and Windows. One of the critical roles of any operating system is its ability to copy and paste data from one place to another swiftly. Luckily, in this blog post, we will teach you how you can copy and paste.

how to copy and paste pictures on chromebook

Copy and Paste

Copy and Paste allows you to duplicate fragments of scripts, whole documents, whole web pages, pictures, and videos. Then paste the extract on an entirely distinct location.

Copying and Pasting on Chromebook

There are several widely acknowledged techniques for copying and pasting on Chromebooks, and they all perform the same function. Hence, it is a matter of deciding which way makes you comfortable.

  1. The Steps you need to follow when Copy and Pasting using a Mouse

When you narrow down the text you desire to copy, press down the mouse’s left button and drag it up to where you want it. Once chosen, right-click on the highlighted text, and a menu will pop up asking you if you want to cut or copy. Click on either alternative, relying on what you want to achieve.

Then, select the place where you want your text to be pasted and release the left button. At this juncture, right-click and choose Paste. The words should appear on the selected spot.

  1. The Procedure of Copy and Pasting without a Mouse

In Chromebook, there are several keyboard combinations you can utilize to swiftly copy text and paste it into emails, documents, and identical destinations.

The keys are generally known as the hotkeys.

To achieve your goal, highlight the words you require by clicking and holding the touchpad cursor and dragging it across the words or sentences you need.

After selecting the text, tap and hold down the Ctrl key, then concurrently press the C button, and it accomplishes the copying task. Then head to the destination, place the cursor where you wish the words or sentences to materialize, then tap on Ctrl and V concurrently to paste.

  1. How to Copy and Paste Pictures on a Chromebook

Potentially you are required to copy and paste a picture, not just words. And this can be accomplished on a Chromebook also. To copy and paste a picture, hold the pointer over the picture then, tap the Alt key on the keyboard. Then, press your touchpad on the Chromebook while simultaneously pressing the Alt character down.

A multiple-choice dialogue box will pop up on the Chromebook user’s interface. Drag the pointer to where it is written, Copy the image and press it with the touchpad.

To paste the picture, open the document or page where you wish to insert it. Now, press the Alt key, tap down on your gadget’s touchpad to summon the menu, and press Paste to insert your picture.

It is that simple. You have now accomplished an image copy and paste too.

  1. The procedure of Copy and Pasting a Video on Chromebook

It is not possible to copy and paste a video from a site on Chromebook. But if you have a burning desire to share the video with your loved ones through a messaging app, you can copy the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and share the link for others to locate the video.

There are two techniques for achieving this: First, visit the address bar at the top, double click then copy the highlighted URL. Then paste it into your messaging app.

Or else, you can place the cursor on the video you desire to share, press the touchpad using two fingers, and then choose Copy video URL. If you prefer a given section of the video, let it play until it gets to that section, then do a two-finger tap on the touchpad and choose Copy URL at present so that it will start playing there when you share it with your friends and family.

  1. The procedure of Copy and Pasting everything on a Chromebook Page

Should a need arise for you to copy and paste all the texts within a document or a web page, it is always pretty easy. Tap Ctrl + A to highlight everything in a go, then utilize either technique elaborated above to duplicate the text. However, we propose Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V for quickness.

  1. How do you snip on a Chromebook

If you wish to cut out a picture and paste it differently, the Chromebook simplifies that. Employing the keyboard timesaving technique Ctrl + Shift + Window switch key (located at the top row), this hotkeys combination, popularly known as the snipping tool Chromebook, ensures that you carry out the process very fast. The cursor will transform into a minor cross and enable you to cut out a picture of the information you desire to paste elsewhere or save it as a picture in the cloud.

To take a fractional screenshot, tap ctrl + shift + switch window again. The cursor transforms into a crosshair, which you can press and drag over the region you need.

In both scenarios, the image is stored within the download folder.

How do you Use the Touchpad on a Chromebook?

Before the Chromebook was invented, there were many different laptop mouse controllers for many years. The trackball was amazing till too much grime accumulated beneath the ball. Also, the joystick was great if you were never bothered by its enormous size.

Then the touchpad was invented. The touchpad mounted on the Chromebook is identical to the touchpads which came before it. Below, we have listed a few gestures to get you started:

  • To drag the cursor across the user interface, place the hand on the trackpad and shift it in any direction you wish.
  • Press buttons and links by tapping down the lower part of the touchpad till a clicking sound is generated.
  • Right-click by tapping down using two fingers
  • Move vertically by mounting fingers on the trackpad and shifting them up and down, dragging them right and left scrolls horizontally.
  • Highlight and drag items by tapping and pinning down with a finger and shifting the pointer using another finger.

Finger Gestures for the Chromebook

During design and manufacture, Google created Chromebook as the simplest and the most intuitive gadget available. As you would expect, they have factored in multiple advanced attributes for the touchpad to make using their device fluid and intuitive. Several of these attributes comprise the following:

  • You can disclose all available windows by putting three fingers on the touchpad and moving up simultaneously. You can then tap on the preferred window to activate it and usher it to the front.
  • If you wish to access your browsing history when using the Chrome browser, deploy two fingers to move from left to right through the touchpad.

Touchpad and Keyboard Combinations

Google has executed multiple distinct techniques to carry out identical functions, majorly to house users transitioning from other gadgets and operating systems. Some straightforward methods of using the touchpad and keyboard together are

  • Right Click

Many people are seeking guidance on how to right click on a Chromebook? And this is how it is achieved. First, press the Alt button and tap the touchpad.

Right-clicking is vital in disclosing collective functions without using the shortcut keys and the menu.

  • Highlight Content

Press on one side of the text or sentences you desire to highlight. Then, pressing down the Shift key, press on the content’s other side. And just like that, your text gets highlighted. This is pretty crucial when you desire to duplicate a body of text. Press the Alt key on the highlighted text to expose choices like Cut and Copy.

Why Is My Chromebook’s Copy and Paste Not Working

There are several Chromebook users have reported that the copy and paste functions cease running. And there could be many reasons for this, hailing from a setting to an update.

The first thing you should try is another copy and paste technique. If the touchpad technique is not functioning, try the hotkeys, and so on.

If that does not solve your issue, try resetting your system to default. It is not entirely new for something to go haywire in the settings; hence, carrying out this step will return all your settings to default.

  • Open the Chrome browser, click on the three-dot menu, choose Settings, and select Advanced.
  • Then choose the choice to Restore
  • Select the alternative to Restore settings to the initial defaults

In addition, if the website you are visiting disabled text section, use the Ctrl + U hotkeys to open a path to the source code.


Now you understand how to Copy and Paste on Chromebook using several distinct methods. You can now use the hotkeys, touchpads, and Chrome browser to get it done.

The other thing you have learned is that you can copy and paste videos and images as easily. Hence, you have all the required information to be a Chromebook copy and paste guru.

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