10 Tips On How To Hang Posters Without Frames

So…you want to know the best way of how to hang posters?  Well you have come to the right place, Bergeron knows all about posters as well as a bunch of other shit.  Keep reading to learn more about hanging posters, posters without frames, poster hanging ideas and other awesome tips.

How To Hang Posters

Before handling any poster be sure to clean your hands well.  Dirty hands have been known to ruin posters around the world.  Body oil, grease, dirty and sweat are no friends to your poster.

The next thing you want to do before you hang a poster is to unroll it and get it nice and flat.  I like to roll the opposite direction and then place it on the floor with a book in each corner.  leave it like this for a few hours or overnight and…BAM…a nice flat poster.

Lastly, if you are using tape or putty (see below), to hang your posters it is a good idea to lightly clean the walls or surfaces you are putting them on.

How To Hang Posters Without Damaging Them

Paper Clips & Magnets: This is a great way of how to hang posters without damaging the poster or damaging the wall.  Place 4 large paperclips on the wall and tape them down with masking tape.  Place the corners of the posters over the paperclips and then place a small magnet on the front corner of each poster.  This keeps the wall from being damaged as well as the poster.

hang poster with magnet and paper clip

Use Magnets & Paper Clips

Command Strips: If you have an extra $5 or $10 to buy some Command Strips they work well and generally don’t damage your poster or wall.

Scotch Tape: Some of the best tape for posters is Scotch tape.  This is the old school way of how to hang posters that have been around for decades.  Just roll up a small one inch piece of scotch tape and stick to the corner and middle of your poster before putting it on the wall.  This works well if the wall has the right paint, but if it’s a textured surface you’ll have a hard time.  Also, overtime the tape tends to give way and your poster could drop to the floor and get creased so be careful with this technique.

Poster Putty: Using putty is in my opinion the best way to hang posters.  You can pick some up from your local Walmart and it usually only costs a couple bucks.  Just roll up a little ball of putty and place it on the four corners of your poster and press it to the wall.  This is one of my favorite ways to hand posters safely and for the long haul.

“Everybody had posters in their room; everybody had the four symbols of Zeppelin on the wall and all that.”   ~ Alec Baldwin

How To Hang Posters Without Frames

Below are seven of the best ways of how to hang posters without a frame. These suggestions will save you time and money. Most of the items you can find around your house and will only take you a few minutes to get done. If you want to enjoy your poster without the hassle of framing it, these tips are perfect for you. 

String It Up: Cut a 4 to 6 foot length of string or twine. Thumb Tacks, staple or nail each end of the string to the wall or surface you want your posters to be hung on.  Now use clothes pins, paper clips or bulldog clips to hang the poster from the string.

hang posters with string

Clip Them Down: Use a binder or bulldog clip and place it in the center of the poster.  Flip one side of the clip up and use a tack to hold it to the wall.

binder clips can hang posters

Use Binder Clips & Tack

Hook Them On Hangers: Use pant hangers, the ones that open and close with the wooden edges.  Place a small nail in the wall to hold the hanger and then clip the poster in between the wooden hanger clamps.

posters on wooden pant hangers

Use Wooden Pant Hangers

Frame Them With Tape: Use mounting tape, painters tape, masking tape or even decorative magic tape (be careful with this option), to tape the edges of the poster to the wall.  First level the poster with a couple small pieces of scotch tape to hold it in place an then outline the poster edges with your chosen tape selection from above.

frame posters with tape

Posters Framed With Tape

Create A Collage: Get a large piece of colored construction paper, a 2 by 4 foot section should be good.  Use tape to hold the poster to the larger sheet of paper and then used one of the techniques above to hold it to the wall.

Use Tacks: Buy thumbtacks that match your poster. Stick them through the poster and into the wall. You should stick one tack on each corner of the poster, so you have four in all. Keep in mind that this will leave some tiny holes in the wall, but it’s nothing that a little putty won’t fix when you take your poster down.

Use Magnetic Frame Strips: Frame sticks give the illusion of a frame without the hassle. Get the magnetic frame sticks and place them around your poster. The sticks will keep the poster in place, and then, you can use wire or string to hang it. It’s so easy to do, and because it looks like a frame, your secret will be safe. People will think it’s a fancy frame when it’s really just magnetic strips.

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