Here Is The Best Way to Cut Plexiglass For Large Or Small Jobs

Plexiglass isn’t actually glass. It’s actually a hard clear plastic that just looks like glass. Many people actually prefer it to glass in situations where simple glass windows or tables are apt to break. If you plan to use it in a project, you’ll need to know the best way to cut Plexiglass.

Cutting Plexiglass In Small Amounts

In fact, there are two good methods depending on how much of it you need. For smaller amounts, you can use what’s known as the score and snap method. Just stick your sheet on a workbench or a few sawhorses. Don’t remove the protective covering because the sheet will get scratches on it if you do. Next, measure the piece you want using a yardstick. Don’t use a measuring tape since they don’t work as well with this kind of material. Mark off the section you want with a marker and line up your yardstick accordingly. Next, take a glass cutter or possibly a plexiglass cutter¬†and score the line 5-10 times. Move the scored section over to the edge of your work surface, and you should be able to snap it off with the right amount of pressure. Smooth the edges with a buffer, and you’re all set.

Cutting Large Pieces Of Plexiglass

For larger pieces, you’ll need a circular saw. Your first step is to clamp the Plexiglass down on your workbench. Just like before, you’ll want to keep the covering on it. Measure it as before, and then, put the line just over the bench’s edge. Make sure it’s straight for when you cut it. The next step is to get out your saw and spray it with a fine mist of coolant. This can be as simple as water with a few drops of laundry detergent. Make sure your saw is rotating at about 3,450 RPM and start sawing at the line. Don’t go too fast, or you’ll shatter the sheet. Buff up the rough edges, and you’re all done.

Knowing the best way to cut Plexiglass is a useful tool for any homeowner. Now that you know how simple the process is, you can use plexiglass in a variety of applications throughout your home. It’s more soundproof and sturdy than regular glass, so it could be a good investment.

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