The Krokodil Or “Zombie” Drug And What You Need To Know

The Krokodil Drug or the “Zombie Drug” as it is sometimes referred to, is the worst of the worst.

This is really a public service announcement more than anything.  After doing some research on related topics for various blog posts I stumbled upon this wicked stuffed called the Krokodil Drug.

Started in Russia in the low income communities, it was a home grown drug for users looking for a cheap alternative to crack, heroine, cocaine, acid or any similar hard drug.  Basically you mix up codeine tablets with various other substances like petrol (think gasoline, kerosene, and diesel oil), red phosphorus (think match tips), and other hydrochloric acid (think batteries, photoflash bulbs and fireworks).  Can you say…wicked bad shit?

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That’s the short history of it, but it’s much worse (see pictures & videos below) than that.  The drug eats away your internal orgrans and flesh.  Life expectancy after the first “hit” is less than two years.

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Krokodil Drug Pictures

Krokodil Drug Videos

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