9 Cool Ways To Smoke Weed

Sometimes the easiest way to smoke weed isn’t necessarily the “coolest” way to smoke.  That’s why I’ve put together this list of the 9 Coolest Ways To Smoke “The Weed”

Let’s get this straight so we are all on the same leaf.  The best way to smoke weed is to inhale it.  Puff…Puff…Give…

New Ways To Smoke Weed

Back in the day these three ways to smoke weed seemed like something out of a sci-fi movie.  Today, they are some of the newest and coolest ways to smoke down the ganj.  If you are looking to be hip, or just stoned, check these out.

Today one of the best ways to smoke weed is by vaping it, from what I’m told?  Bergeron doesn’t have any first hand knowledge about vaping (old school) but from what he understands, these are some of the benefits of vaping.

  1. Your motor functions don’t seem to get as impaired.
  2. Simple things are easier to do when you vape, like putting your dirty clothes in the hamper and brushing your teeth.
  3. You don’t smell as much like smoke.
  4. It’s cleaner to vape than it is to smoke the traditional way.
  5. All the cool kids are doing it.

Vaporizer: A vaporizer, also known as a vape or a vape pen is one of the healthiest ways to get stoned.  Next to no smell if any and virtually no tar is being inhaled so this ranks up there for the top new way to smoke weed.

Vaporize New Ways To Smoke Weed

Standard Vaporizer

Dabbing: No, not the dance move.  Dabbing uses what is known as butane hash oil (BHO), which is wicked fucking potent.  The hardened hash oil is meant to be smoked in a special pipe sometime called a rig and you need a blowtorch style lighter.  Yep, one of the ones used for smoking crack, but we are not smoking crack, just “the weed”.

G-Pen: Made famous by Snoop Dogg.  The G-Pen is basically a three way between the blunt, a one-hitter and a vaporizer.  The end result would be the G-Pen.  Easily confused with an electronic cig, they are handy to use in public and give a nice high.

Smoking Weed Out Of A Pipe

When I say pipe I really mean anything that you light on one end, has a tube or pipe and isn’t a vaporizer, G-Pen, joint, hot knife or tinfoil. 

Bowl: The bowl, also known as a pipe is the ole tried and true way of smoking weed.  It was here before vaping and it will be here after vaping as well.  Handy piece of hardware to have in your collection.  Great at rock and roll concerts.

Bong: Not easily carried around and usually left at home the bong is the original cough your brains out device.  Usually filled with water about a quarter way up the bong, they can pack a punch.  Just remember that if you cough don’t blow back into the bong or you’ll launch your weed and get it soaked.

Smoking Weed Out Of A Bong

Hitting The Bong

Soda Can: If you have nothing else to use and don’t mind inhaling the paint and chemicals you end up burning off the outside of the can, this is a good option.  Usually used in a pinch and disposed of once you get home to your bong.  Put a hole in the bottom of the can and then a small indent with a couple more small holes mid-way up the side.  Place weed on the indent and hit it with a lighter.

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Alternative Ways To Smoke Weed

Here are some ways to smoke weed without a pipe.

Joint: A good old fashion joint?  Grab some ZigZag orange papers, roll that up and smoke it down.  Save the roaches for a rainy day!  The best way to smoke a joint is by lightly pinching it between your thumb and index finger.  Blunt also falling this category and the best way to smoke a blunt is by rolling up your weed in 

Hot Knives: This is basically a two person operation so be warned.  However, the stud in the picture below has overcome this difficulty with a strap on, good for him.  First cut off the top half of a 2 liter soda bottle.  This will be used for catching the smoke once you place the knives together.  Get two butter knives, the wider the better for this.  Heat them up using your stove, crack lighter (see above) or a blow torch (the real kind).  Once they are burning red hot, touch one knife to your bud or hash ball.  Smush the second knife against it and hold the soda top over the smoke…ENJOY.

smoking weed with hot knives

Tinfoil: Grab some tinfoil from the cupboard and fashion it into a straw like structure.  Put a bud in one end and smoke out of the other.  Crude but simple and effective.

tinfoil weed pipe for smoking

So there you have it.  Our list of 9, it’s not all the ways to smoke weed, but they are some of the best.  Enjoy the ganja and be safe out there!

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