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Best Way To Shave Your Head Bald: 12 Tips You Need To Know

  • by Bergeron,
  • July 25, 2018
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shaving your head bald

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You’ve put it off for years, but now is the time to shave your head and clean up your receding hairline.  Once and for all!

Tips For Shaving Your Head

Cut Your Hair First: Before you actually start shaving your head you should cut or clip your hair as close to the scalp as possibly.  This will make shaving much easier, keep your blade from getting dull and reduce the number of cuts and nicks you will get.

Shave In The Shower: The water and steam from a shower makes your hair and scalp more pliable. This will make it easier and more comfortable to shave.  You’ll most likely want to get a fog-less mirror for this (see below.)

Take It Slow: Don’t rush shaving or you’ll end up cutting yourself.  Take it slow and move the razor in short strokes in one area.  Once you have a decent area shaved down to the scalp you can take longer strokes.

Use A Mirror: Since you are in the shower (best place to shave your head), you should use a fog-less mirror.  This will allow you to clearly see what you are doing and not cut yourself.  If you are not in the shower then just about any bathroom mirror will work. 

Moisturizer: After you have successfully shaved your head for the first time, it’s advised to put some moisturizer or lotion on it.  You can also use an shave shave oil but this will most definitely leave your dome shiny, not sure if you are into that or now.  This keeps your head from drying out and flaking dry skin all over the place.

Keep reading to find out the best razors and shaving cream to use on the above techniques.

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Best Razor To Shave Your Head

It’s best to use a new or newer multi-blade razor for shaving your head.  It will require fewer passes and you will be less likely to cut your scalp.

The HeadBlade ATX Razor: Hands down the best razor to shave your head with.  This is nothing short of a miracle in the head razor category.  This wicked awesome razor features multiple blades, reduces or eliminates the learning curve for shaving your head and give a faster cleaner cut.  Try this one before anything else.

Straight Edge Razor:  Only use this if you are experienced and like to take it slow.  Not for the beginner and sometimes not for the seasons head shaver.  Proceed with caution.

Standard Multi-Blade Razor: You know the ones from Gillette, BiC and the store brands.  Not a bad option since you probably have one of these in the bathroom already.  Try it out using the tips and suggestions on this page.  If you like it, great.  If you want to kick it up a notch check out the HeadBlade Razor above.

Best Shaving Cream For Your Head

As far as shaving creams go, you can use the same cream that you have for your face or legs on your head.  The first few shaves might be fairly sensitive so you could buy shaving cream for sensitive skin at first.

Shaving Gel: Usually comes in a tube or is canned.  Shaving gels most of the time will contain some type of alcohol.  There are some without alcohol and it’s best to avoid this because it will cause irritation and dry out your skin.

Lather-less: The more modern of the shaving cream options lather-less is the hip thing to use right now.  It’s more natural than the other options and usually contains some variation of oils.  This can help hydrate your skin and keeps irritation down.  The drawback for these are that it takes some getting use to and spreading it on your head can be inconsistent to the inexperienced.

Shaving Foam: The good old canned shaving form, think Barbasol.  This shaving cream category has been around for over 100 years and 99.9% of the time come in a can.  Usually cheaper than gels, creams or lather-less options they still work well.

Traditional Shaving Cream: Usually comes in a tube or tub.  Ahhh, the shaving cream option.  Having been around for as long as razors this version is often preferred by anyone using a straight razor.  You’ll need a cream brush to spread it evenly and usually requires other accessories as well.  This option is making a come back after almost falling off the radar in the 80’s and 90’s

Benefits Of Shaving Your Head

  • You don’t need to get hair cuts.
  • If you are balding, it makes it less obvious.
  • You’ll save money by using less shampoo.
  • It’s a hip and sexy thing to do.
  • Less hair will fall into your food.

In closing…the good part about hair is that it grows back (in most cases.)  If for some reason you don’t like your new shaved dome then just give it a month or two (learn some Russian) and you’ll be on your way to growing those flowing locks back.

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