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Three Tips On The Best Way To Store Potatoes

  • by Bergeron,
  • September 28, 2018
  • in Food
best way to store potatoes

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Potatoes are one of the most versatile foods that you can make. They also happen to be one of the easiest to go bad if they aren’t stored properly. Learning the proper how to store potatoes can extend their life as well as keep those annoying gnats away that appear when a fruit or vegetable begins to go bad. In this guide, we will give you three tips on the best way to store potatoes.

Don’t Buy More Potatoes Than You Need

Buying too many potatoes at one time is one of the biggest reasons that potatoes get thrown out. Limit the amount of potatoes you buy to a week’s supply for you and your family. It can be annoying to have to buy potatoes every week, but you don’t want a bunch of potatoes that are suddenly sprouting or worse, rotting. Another bad side effect is that once they begin sprouting or rotting, they may have a bad odor.

Keep The Temperature Between 45°F And 55°F

If you can keep your potatoes at this temperature, they will actually hold out for months. The problem is that this is too cold for the average home, and the average refrigerator gets a lot colder than this. Some refrigerators are now made with sections that can have different temperatures, so this would be perfect for storing potatoes. If you don’t have a sectioned refrigerator, you could try storing them in a paper bag and putting them in the darkest, coolest place in your home.

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Don’t Wash Your Potatoes

Potatoes are dirty and you like having a clean home, but the moisture from cleaning them can actually make them go bad fast. Moisture can create an environment for fungus and bacteria to grow on your potatoes. Not only will your potatoes go bad, but you will have a contamination that you’ll need to clean. Storing potatoes with the dirt on them will help them keep longer.

Potatoes can go bad if you don’t store them properly, but with a little effort you can create an ideal storage environment for them. The guidelines above help you create the best way to store potatoes. Now you and your family can enjoy all the goodness of your potatoes without having to worry about them going bad.

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