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Kevin Durant Net Worth: You Won’t Believe How Much

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Kevin Durant Net Worth

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Here Is A Short Kevin Durant Biography And Back Story

Kevin Durant net worth is about $170 million dollars.

Kevin Durant Net Worth

He is one of the best basketball players in modern times. He currently plays for the Golden State Warriors where he is one of the highest paid NBA players of all time. Kevin Durant currently plays the position of small forward. Kevin Durant has come a long way since his beginnings. Learn more below.

Durant was born in Washington DC in 1988. His birthday is specifically September 19. Kevin Durant grew up in the DC metro area in Maryland in Seat Pleasant. Durant did not have his father in his life growing up, with his mother and grandmother raising him.

Kevin Durant loved to play basketball throughout his childhood. At the age of ten, Durant made his life goal playing basketball professionally. Kevin’s mother supported him the whole way, constantly encouraging him to ensure he was playing his best, putting in the work and keeping healthy. Kevin contributes all of his success to his mother’s support in him.

Kevin Durant played basketball in college at the University of Texas. He only played one year in college before he was drafted into the NBA. This was due Kevin’s standout abilities during his freshman year. He won Player of the Year awards from the Naismith and Wooden awards.

Kevin Durant was the second draft pick by the Seattle Supersonics. He stayed with the team as they relocated and became the Thunder. Durant became Rookie of the Year and was the third rookie in NBA history with twenty points per game.

Kevin Durant was a superstar in the NBA by his second year playing. He was second place for MVP, led in scoring, and got on the All-NBA team. He had outperformed in age all previous NBA players in leading in scoring.

Kevin Durant currently plays for the Golden State Warriors. He transferred teams in 2016 and continues to help them in winning championships. Other than basketball, Durant enjoys video games and doing things with his best friend Michael Beasley who he grew up with.

Kevin Durant is a great person and a great basketball player. He has exceeded expectations on and off the field, all things to his mother according to him. Kevin Durant will continue to shine, only allowing the Kevin Durant net worth to increase.

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