3 Ways To Send Money To India From The USA

India is a country with over a billion people, and billions of dollars are sent there every year from the USA. The traditional methods of paying by cash or checks are not feasible over long distances. There is the bad way and the best way to send money to India. Here are the easiest and most popular ways to send money from another country.

Use Online Money Transfers To Send Money To India

best way to send money to indiaTransferring money from one online account to another is the easiest method. Most banks allow a number of transfer options for their account holders. You can send money using a person’s email address or phone number. In addition, there are companies like PayPal and Xoom that specialize in handling online money transactions. Recently, many have expanded globally and included India in their agenda.

The biggest advantage is the money appears instantly in the recipient’s account with no delays. Like cash transactions, there is a receipt and transaction number in case of a dispute. The money is transferred securely using encrypted web pages, and account holders can file disputes through the company’s fraud department.

However, there are monthly transaction limits for account users. They also have to pay transaction fees. Using another account from the same company is one solution to send more money.

Online money transfer accounts are used for more than sending and receiving money. People who shop online can buy products using their account details. Some companies allow them to order debit cards and make transfers to their other bank accounts.

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Pay With A Remittance Card

This is similar to using a debit or credit card, the most popular method of payment in many places. Your recipient uses the card for shopping and ATM transactions. You can make direct deposits from your bank account onto the card.

There are options to sign up for alerts when the funds are low. There are fees attached to using a remittance card along with instant money transfers. The cardholder should be familiar with currency exchange rates and the fees charged by the card company.

Use More Traditional Money Orders

best way to send money to india

Money orders are the traditional methods of sending money that fewer people are doing in the wake of instant, online money transfers. These orders take time to prepare and send, but they’re still effective. Prepare an order through your bank, set aside a prepaid amount of money and ship it discreetly through the mail.

The Indian Postal Service handles these transactions often and delivers them to residents in urban, suburban and rural areas. The money is converted into cash, and a receipt is sent back to the sender. Sending money orders is common for people living in remote areas where banks are not close by.

The best way to send money to India from the USA and make sure it’s done securely and fast, is usually online. Find more than a handful of methods to transfer your funds, and research each company to learn about its services.

Also, learn more about the currency in India and the exchange rates. Make sure that you are sending enough money, you’re sending it on time and the transactions are safe from the eyes of fraudsters.

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