How Will Game Of Thrones End?

Have You Been Asking Yourself Since Last Season “How Will Game Of Thrones End?”  Well Consider These Scenarios…

how will game of thrones end

A recent teaser shown during a convention in Brazil reveals that the Game of Throne’s eighth and final season will be hitting televisions across the world in April of 2019. Since the Game of Thrones book one came out, fans have been clinging to the series in both the novel and television format, eagerly devouring each new bloody and betrayal-filled twist and turn. With every new season, the fans are also developing new ideas, controversies, and thoughts about what is to come. With such a complex storyline as the world of Game of Thrones presents, it is certainly believeable that there are a million ways that the last season of the iconic series can go. With so many ideas whirling about, let’s look at a few of the biggest ones that have emerged since the time that the teaser was first released!

The Clash of Cleganebowl

 This event, nicknamed the Cleganebowl by friends, is the long anticipated full fight between the Hound and the Mountain, two important characters in the Game of Thrones universe. The two are brothers, and the Hounds’ infamous burned features are a result of the Mountain burning him when they were younger. Throughout the series, the two have come close to clashing on a few occasions, but fans are eager to see the all-out brawl between them finally occur. This event was semi-hinted at by the actor who plays the Mountain, Hafthór Björnsson, who stated in an interview recently that his favorite scene in the series will appear in season eight, and also showed a picture from his Instagram of the Mountain looking rather beat up.

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The Death of a Lannister

 The Lannisters have been some of the most iconic villains in novel and television history. It’s hard to find a family that you can hate as much as this group of blonde rich folks. They have been responsible for a great deal of the death and betrayals that have occured in the series. Though Joffrey died in a (satisfyingly) horrible way several seasons ago, there are still major Lannister players on the board…For now. In the teaser for the new season, the lion that has long represented the Lannister is shown being devoured in flames. For many fans, this is a sign of foreshadowing that the death of one of the important Lannisters: Cersei, Jamie, or Tyrion is at hand.

The Starks

The Stark family has certainly been through more than one family should ever experience at the hands of the world that George R.R. Martin has created. With a great majority of the family dead, the remaining Stark children have to pick up the pieces and set the stage for what will follow in the eighth season. Bran Stark’s greensight abilities, Arya’s assasination abilities, and Sansa as regent leader of the North all provide a great deal of promised intrigue. Furthermore, beyond the Arya theories and the parentage of Jon Snow, one aspect of the Starks and their life at Winterfell has been continually touched upon and left viewers squirming in their seats. The Winterfell Crypts have remained one of the biggest mysteries of the series, with multiple characters commenting on it, some visiting it, and many of them dreaming about the place. What exactly lies in the Winterfell Crypts? It’s what everyone wants to know and, with this season being the last one, it’s likely that fans will get their chance to finally learn.

Overall, these are only a few of the many things that people are awaiting in the Game of Thrones universe. With a great deal of fan theories and expectations being addressed in the past two seasons, there seems to be a good chance of at least some hopes coming true. Whatever the case, with this being the final season, you can bet that it will be the one thing that Game of Thrones has always been known for: shocking.

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