Who Is Ashley Broad From Hardcore Pawn?

Going for the Gold: Who is Ashley Broad And What Is She Doing Now?

Iashley gold broadn today’s society, reality television shows have become a core part of the world of entertainment. Both hated and loved, controversial to say the least, these television shows have persisted in many different forms. From game-style shows like Survivor and Big Brother to romance shows like The Bachelor, it seems as though there is a show for everyone who has an interest in watching the “reality” of someone else. For many, there is something that is so satisfying in seeing a person reacting to things around them and suffering or thriving.

We live through the people who go on the cooking shows and imagine ourselves as master chefs. Our terrible little apartments become the granite-countertop mansions of house hunting shows, and we are no longer stuck in a small city but soaring all over the world in a great race. The truthfulness of reality shows, however, often comes under fire by critics and those who watch them–and for good reason. There have been several cases where it has been revealed that scenes, incidents, and people who appear in reality shows were staged to make the show more interesting and boost ratings. Therefore, it is important to know just who it is you’re watching–and what their real reality is. For example, looking at one television show: Hardcore Pawn, we can see how one of the stars of that show actually lives.

Ashley Broad, who is better known as Ashley Gold, is one of the stars of the show. Hardcore Pawn focuses on a small family-owned gold pawn store, which is run by her father, Lester “Les” Gold. Ashley has a brother named Seth Gold, and their rivalry is the focus of a lot of the episodes in the series. It is certainly true that Ashley has a brother and her father has run a pawn store for a long time. In fact, Ashley Broad went to college for a degree in Business Administration and got a diamond certification for use with her job. Her birthday is January 7th 1978, which currently makes her forty years old. The former star is married to Jordan Broad and the pair have two children, but her family life with them is kept very private, with few pictures posted even on social media.

Still, she has often stated that her family is the most important thing to her. Many people wondered what happened to Ashley Gold after she left the show and made fewer appearances. At that time, she left to pursue a career in selling jewelry and launched her own website, as well as seeking to spend more time with jewelry. Now, her products are often worn by celebrities to promote them, and she updates her twitter with information about her business.

In this situation, the reality of the person on the show seems to be much the same as the truth. Ashley Broad had dedicated herself to the business that was the focus of the television series, and has the degree and certifications to prove it. She has also emphasized many times that the situations and customers that appeared on the show were real, and her father has often described her strength and stubbornness as resulting from dealing with those guests. It’s a rare treat to find that someone is genuine from show to real life, adding just a little bit more credibility to the unstable world of reality television.

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