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20 Donald Trump Memes

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Today it feels like politics are at the center of every conversation. With the election coming up, tensions are high and there’s a lot at stake. 2020 has been a crazy year with a lot of stress, tragedy, and disappointment, which only exacerbates the anxiety surrounding the election.

Memes are a great little distraction from reality and can make you laugh even when times are tough. They allow us to find humor in every situation, no matter how dire life may seem. Here are twenty Donald Trump memes that will help get you through the rest of election season.

1. “and I wrote”

The first (and possibly last) presidential debate was crazy to watch, with both candidates interrupting and getting frustrated with each other. Film writer Jeremy Slater used it as an opportunity to poke fun at himself and the script he wrote for Fantastic Four. For reference, Fantastic Four has a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes and is considered to be one the worst movie in the Marvel franchise.

2. “and I wrote” takes off

Slater’s hilarious and self-deprecating Tweet inspired other writers who wrote bad movies and TV shows to come forward and compare their writing to the debate. Here are some of the best ones:

3. Old man yells at old man

This meme is a perfect summary of the presidential debate. There was lots of yelling and lots of insults between Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

4. Trump vs. Biden vs. the moderator

Another accurate depiction of the debate. Moderator Chris Wallace struggled to keep Trump and Biden under control.

5. Marry an old, rich American, they said

Some of the funniest Trump memes involve his wife, First Lady Melania Trump. Many people say that she married Trump for his money and thinking that she could do whatever she wanted with her life. Obviously, her husband running for president and becoming elected changed her life completely, which is why this meme is so funny.

Source: Runt

6. Hold my glasses

In the summer of 2017, all of America was excited about the total solar eclipse. This photo went viral when Trump looked up at the sun, even though doctors didn’t recommend that people try to look at the eclipse with their naked eye due to the potential damage. Soon after, the moment became memorialized with memes.

7. You are fake news

“Fake news” has become one of the President’s signature catchphrases that everyone will associate with his presidency forever. Trump coined the term to describe the media outlets he believes make up false stories about him. But on the internet, it’s taken on a life of its own with memes. People online use “fake news” to insinuate that someone is lying about something. Take this one, for example.

Source: Runt

8. Who wore it better?

Trump’s hair has always been a target of jokes and memes. People often make fun of the President’s hair, teasing that he should have better hairstyling with the amount of money he has. In this meme, his hair is compared to an ear of corn.


9. When you’re not even sure your wife is voting for you

Again, another cheeky Trump and Melania Trump meme. During the 2016 election, lots of people speculated that Melania secretly wanted her husband to lose so that she wouldn’t have to be First Lady. Someone managed to snap this photo from election day 2016 and turned it into a meme.

Source: Liveabout

10. Trump version of “Salt Bae”

Back in 2017, Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe became a meme sensation. A video of him seasoning meat went viral and he was given the nickname “Salt Bae.” Ever since then, there have been lots of iterations of the famous meme. This version pokes fun at the President’s Twitter habits and his tendency to Tweet about people he’s mad at or feels have insulted him.

Source: Runt

11. You owe me a drink

This meme is pretty relatable. How many times has someone promised to repay you for something but then conveniently “forgot their wallet” or it “slipped their mind?” If you’ve ever been ripped off by a friend, this one’s for you.

Source: Runt

12. Build the wall

“Build the wall” was one of the catchphrases of Trump’s 2016 campaign. Back then, he promised that the United States would build a wall at the border and Mexico would pay for it. However, making this happen wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be. In December 2018, Trump shut down the government for 35 days when he couldn’t get Congress to agree to allocate $5.7 billion in the budget to fund building the border wall. The shutdown led to the creation of this meme, showing the President taking matters into his own hands.

Source: Runt

13. Great trades

This meme is for ’80s and ‘90s kids who grew up playing Pokemon. One of Trump’s promises, when he was elected, was to make better trade deals that benefited the United States. If you collected Pokemon cards back in the day, you know how intense trading cards could be and you’ll appreciate this meme.

Source: runt

14. Mental stability

As you probably know, Trump isn’t known for his modesty. He’s no stranger to telling the world that he’s smart, talented, and successful. A few years ago, he had a particularly famous series of Tweets in response to Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury in which he praised his own mental stability and intelligence.  


15. Mentally I’m here

2020 has been a tough year for all of us. As a response to the constant chaos occurring this year, there’s been a new meme trend of “mentally I’m here” posts. In these memes, there’s a photo of someone upset with the caption “mentally I’m here.” We imagine that this meme would resonate with Trump and his stress from his second election campaign.

Image: Medium

16. Sit down

It’s been a while since most of us have flown, but we can all remember some of the annoying things we experience on planes. One of the most irritating things is when the plane is boarding and your seatmates keep getting up and rearranging their bags. If you’ve ever been frustrated by annoying people on the plane, this meme is for you.

Source: C. Boarding Group

17. Barron or maybe Tiffany

It’s been a running joke that Ivanka is the President’s favorite child with Donald Jr. and Eric as close seconds. Trump doesn’t talk about Tiffany and Barron as much, so they have a reputation as the black sheep of his family. This meme pokes fun at this idea, joking that Trump can’t recognize his lesser-known children.

18. McDonald’s at the White House

In January 2019, Trump invited the Clemson University football team to the White House to celebrate their winning the national championship. The outing broke the internet when it was discovered that the President served the team McDonald’s and other fast food. As expected, there were lots of memes making fun of the situation.

19. Trump and Kanye

A few years ago, rapper Kanye West shocked the nation by sporting a MAGA hat and expressing support for the President. West even went to the White House and took photos with Trump. People were surprised by this unlikely friendship between the President and the rapper, and of course, made memes about it. This meme is a spoof of the poster for the 2015 movie Get Hard starring Will Ferrel and Kevin Hart.

Source: Hip Hop Hollywood

20. Game of Thrones

To top it all off, we’re going to close with a meme that the President made himself. “Winter is coming” is the catchphrase of  House Stark on the hit show Game of Thrones. It’s become associated with the show and is considered its motto by fans. There have been a lot of memes using “Winter is coming” where users insert a word or phrase in place of “winter.” This is what Trump did, making a meme about the sanctions he planned to put in place back in 2018.

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