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20 Clean Memes to Share With Your Friends

clean memes

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You’re scrolling through social media and come across an NSFW meme. Sure, it might make you chuckle, but there’s a time and place for dirty memes. Fortunately, you don’t have to go dirty to laugh. Check out these clean memes for some good clean fun. Don’t be shocked if you laugh even harder at these than some of those dirty memes.

1. I Said No to Tomatoes!

Ah, this happens to everyone, right? You’re so excited to bite into a burger, only to find out it has tomatoes. Tomatoes have some excellent uses, sure. They make good ketchup, and you couldn’t have a pasta sauce without them. However, unless you love tomatoes, you don’t want them on your burger, and if you pick them off, they’ll leave those nasty juices behind. Admit it. You make this same face when someone tells you to pick the tomatoes off your burger.

I Said No to Tomatoes

2. The Work Meme

Work memes are all the rage these days. People love to post memes about clock watching, annoying meetings, and more. And yes, you laugh at the memes, but you also feel a little sting. You know that every time someone posts a work meme, it gives the world a chance to laugh at your pain.

The Work Meme

3. Oh, Karen…

Every time a bell rings, a Karen somewhere is asking to speak to the manager – and she will not take no for an answer. This meme is the perfect example of Karen’s superpowers. Don’t tell her that the manager is absent. She can wait it out. It’s not like she has to take the kids to get vaccinated or anything.

Oh, Karen…

4. Don’t Tell Me What to Do

Doing the dishes is never fun, but it’s even worse when someone tells you to do them. That’s a tantrum in the making.

Don’t Tell Me What to Do

5. And Don’t Make My Job Harder

Speaking of dishes, if you do decide to do them, everyone needs to stop making a mess and slowly walk away until your work is done.

Don’t Make My Job Harder

6. Did You Say Donuts?

Is there anything worse than trying to lose a few extra pounds, only to have someone bring donuts into work? Everyone knows that donut day is a rare treat, so no wonder the expression in this meme is so priceless.

Did You Say Donuts?

7. The No Filter Challenge

Do you get a little jealous of all those gorgeous people on social media? Maybe you should be jealous of the filter…

The No Filter Challenge

8. But I Wanted to Be Friends

Do you remember when getting left hanging during a high five was the biggest slight? Now, it’s getting left hanging when trying to make a good gesture. Well, at least that’s one less person on your Christmas card list.

But I Wanted to Be Friends

9. Is That a Spoon or a Ladle?

If you want to ignite a spoon’s superpowers, just put it under the tap. It’ll give you a blast of water, and you’ll have to do the walk of shame back to your bedroom for a dry shirt.

Is That a Spoon or a Ladle?

10. Deep Thought of The Day

That’s a profound thought. Who said that a philosophy degree wouldn’t come to good use?

Deep Thought of The Day

11. But It’s My Mess

Hey, your space might be a mess, but it’s your trash, and you love it. If they don’t feel the same way, they can walk away.

But It’s My Mess

12. Divine Intervention

Now he just needs to handle that Dasani situation in the refrigerator, and your life will be good to go.

Divine Intervention

13. Changing the World, One Meme at a Time

Do you remember when people joined the Peace Corps to change the world? Finding the perfect meme and sharing it on Facebook is the new Peace Corps, and you never have to get out of your pajamas.

Changing the World, One Meme at a Time

14. Grandma Needs Her “Murder She Wrote”

You knew a cable box and a console TV was a bad combo, but grandma loves her “Murder She Wrote” reruns, and grandpa only trusts PBS to deliver the news. Sadly, grandpa mashes the buttons when he leaves his glasses in the other room, and he turns the TV mode to AV more than you can count. They know that the fix is just a phone call away with their tech-savvy grandchild. And the best part is that no matter how many times you explain it to them, they just respond with, “We’ll just call you, honey.”

Grandma Needs Her “Murder She Wrote”

15. You’ve Got to Get Over Yourself, Man

If you ever wonder why a guy still has the same haircut he had in 2001, it’s because some girl said it was cute. Be careful with those compliments, ladies. They stick.

You’ve Got to Get Over Yourself, Man

16. Cleaning Is So Tiring

If there’s anything more depressing than a mess, it’s cleaning it. You can almost hear the sad music coming from this meme.

Cleaning Is So Tiring

17. Do You Have a Receipt for That?

Whoever came up with the idea that you need to bring a candle or bottle of wine every time you go to someone’s house must have been rich. Your friendship is enough, right?

Do You Have a Receipt for That?

18. No, Humans Are Definitely the Pets

Ah, the power struggle with cat ownership. If you have any of these furry friends, realize that they’re calling the shots. They might think otherwise every once in a while, but then you empty the little box, and they’re back on top.

No, Humans Are Definitely the Pets

19. Crime Scene Clean

You just want a little respect after you clean the house. The least your family can do is treat the house like a crime scene that still has to be swept for evidence. If they want to touch things and make a mess, they can get an Airbnb for the night.

Crime Scene Clean

20. Well, This Is Awkward

Getting left alone in a friend’s house is so awkward. At least they could leave you with a drink or some food or something.

Well, This Is Awkward

See, Clean Is Fun

These memes are hilarious, and you can read them anywhere, including at work. What’s your favorite clean meme? Let us know which one made you laugh the hardest.

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